Dec. 7th, 2012

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Title: Children of Dust
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: PG13
Summary: The djinn should not fall in love with the children of dust, for their union can only end in grief.
Notes: AU and AH. Ginnayê (sing. ginnaya, meaning ‘protector’) is the Aramaic term for the tutelary daimons/deities of Palmyra. They had a close relationship with their human charges and to a certain extent could be considered similar to ‘guardian angels’. There is some debate as to which word is more ancient, ginnaya or the Arabic djinni (deriving from the root ‘to conceal; to cover with darkness’); both words seem to refer to the same sort of beings. | Nasr (‘Vulture’) is an idol from the time of Noah, as mentioned in the Koran (71:23).

Children of Dust

Curiosity was always his downfall.

While others of his kind contented themselves to live within a single drop of water, Changmin splashed about in travertine pools, or lay beneath the surface at the bottom of a village well and listened to the gossip of the women, or later, when he grew more daring, crept through the narrow copper pipes into the bathhouses and watched men and women at sport.

“Humans are forbidden to us,” one of the Elders told him. “As we were born of smokeless fire, so they are children of dust. Yet though we have the greater power, still they think themselves superior. They know words that bind us; they have iron with which to chain us. They would make us slaves to do their bidding, for once caught and released, we must obey them until they set us free a second time—and no human can bear to part from the splendour of a djinni.”

The Elder fixed him with an unblinking stare. “Do not be caught. Toy with them if you must—and you will, for you are still young—but do not allow them to catch you. Regret has a long memory.”

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