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Birthdate:Jan 11
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:glitterburn on AO3
Glitterburn is British and lives in The North. She likes cooking, rodent wrangling, and drinking tea.

She also likes mantou, yaoi, slash fiction, the Eurovision Song Contest, Formula 1, detective novels, and the films of Wong Kar Wai, Chen Kaige, and Johnnie To. Her favourite TV shows are Spartacus, The Wire, Boston Legal, NCIS, The West Wing, Luther, and The Vampire Diaries. Musically speaking she likes cheesy Euro-dance, most things produced by Bobby O, and trance-techno-dance-rave with as many bpm as possible.

Her taste in men is subject to change without notice.

Glitterburn is a lazy cow when it comes to blogging. Expect random burbling, fannish squealing, and RL chunter. On high days and holy days, she talks about herself in the third person.

Interests (161):

80s italian space disco, abe no seimei, abseiling with aswad, adam cheng, alarm für cobra 11, alexander the great, ancient china, andy lau, anna vissi, anssi kela, anthony wong yiu ming, apparitions, arabia, archaeology, ashes of time, asterix, bagaos, baking, barbara nadel, beautiful men, beijing opera, berlin, bernard cornwell, bobby o, byzantium, changmin, cheesy pop music, china, chrysokamino, classical studies, cooking, creme brulee, crete, cycladic figurines, daniel wu, detective novels, die aerzte, donghae, early bronze age aegean, eason chan, egypt, eisbrecher, etymology, eunhyuk, eunuchs, eurovision, exploding coal ranges, f1, farin urlaub, finland, formula one, foxes, glaciers, greece, guinea pigs, hamsters, han dynasty, heian japan, henry lau, homin, hotel chocolat, itse valtiaat, johnnie to, jpm, judge dee, kabuki, kazuki nakajima, ken follett, kim rae won, knights hospitaller, knights templar, kurama tengu, kyogen, laura joh rowland, leslie cheung, liu che, lucas north, m/m fiction, male cross-dressing, malta, manga, martin shaw, mary renault, mika hakkinen, ming dynasty, mystery plays, nakamura shinobu, nelson piquet jr, nicky wu, nico rosberg, nie yuan, nomura mansai, onmyouji, orhan pamuk, otogizoushi, pet shop boys, pet shop of horrors, qin, ralph fiennes, reading, red cliff, revenants, richard armitage, ruined abbeys, runes, runrig, ryeowook, sea urchins, sean bean, shadows, sharpe, silver, sima qian, simon yam, siwon, slash, song dynasty, spooks, stingrays, su tong, sungmin, super junior m, susannah gregory, t.e. lawrence, taiwan, takeshi kaneshiro, tang dynasty, taoism, tattoos, tea, the catlins, the cyclades, three kingdoms, tim shadbolt, tony leung chiu wai, trance music, turkey, tvxq!, tympanios, uei-shiang, uighur, vrykolakas, wan hong jie, wang zi, winter, wonmi, writing, wudi, wuxia, xiao jie, yanagisawa, yaoi, yorkshire, yu shao qun, yuanmi, yunho, zhou mi, zhuge liang, 中嶋 一貴, 張國榮, 野村萬斎
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