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Title: Naufragis
Fandom: Paradise Ranch/Poseidon crossover
Pairing: Han Dongjoo/Kang Eunchul
Rating: R
Summary: All his life, Dongjoo has thought of himself as a failure. Until he meets Eunchul, who teaches him there's no worth in regrets.
Notes: For the prompt 'two worlds collide' in [ profile] diagon's Twelve Months of HoMin challenge. naufragis is Latin; it literally means ‘shipwrecks’ and thence poetically ‘men who've suffered ruin’.


Dongjoo joins the army to forget.

It’s his duty, too; the duty of every reasonably healthy, reasonably sane man between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five. He feels neither sane nor healthy when he presents his papers. It’s duty that’ll get him through the next two years. He hopes that duty will subsume the losses he carries with him.

An NCO directs him to a hut on the other side of the parade ground. He queues with a few dozen other recruits and receives his fatigues in exchange for his street clothes. He goes into the changing rooms and takes off each garment, stripping away the layers of his old life. No more designer jeans. No more cashmere jumpers. No more luxurious cotton shirts. No more lie-ins and expensive meals, no more comfortable bedding, of being able to loaf around all day watching television. No more privacy.

No more Daji.

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Title: Headlong
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: R
Summary: Fast bikes. Fast boys. Someone’s going to get his heart broken.
Notes: AU. For [ profile] diagon’s Twelve Months of HoMin challenge, based on the Vogue Korea photo shoot. No idea what Changmin’s bike was; possibly also a Ducati, but I’ve given him a Honda Firestorm here. Warning for implied dub con.



Six months. It’s taken six months of living the kind of life he’s never wanted to live, but now, finally, the moment has arrived. Tonight will change everything. Tomorrow he’ll be able to undo all the things he’s done. He’ll be able to wipe clean the recent past and return to the normalcy he’s been craving all this time.

The Firestorm sings beneath him, the throaty purr of its engine a reminder of what he’ll be giving up. He won’t miss it, except perhaps in some primal sense. Changmin is very good at imposing order over primal urges, even when they’re tinted with adrenalin and run red with risk.

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Title: For Fashion’s Sake
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: R
Summary: Designer Shim is back on TV for All Stars Stitched Up. Changmin sees the competition as the chance for a bit of peace and quiet away from Yunho, but nothing ever works out as planned.
Notes: AU. For the prompt ‘reunion’ in [ profile] diagon’s Twelve Months of HoMin challenge. Six related ficlets, and a sequel of sorts to Perfect Fit. Ridiculous fluffy crack to cheer myself up whilst recovering from glandular fever.

For Fashion’s Sake

i. The Invitation

The invitation arrives the old-fashioned way, by letter in an envelope emblazoned with the Stitched Up logo.

As is their habit, Yunho brings the post to Changmin in bed before he potters off, the dogs trailing after him, to prepare Changmin’s morning coffee.

Ever since he started working for Versace, Changmin has been very particular about his coffee. Even though he’d mostly worked from the home he and Yunho share in Seoul, he’d often had to travel to Milan to consult with colleagues, to source materials, to attend fashion weeks and generally to mingle and show his face as and when the house required.

His extended time in Italy had developed his taste for proper Italian coffee, served at the correct hour of the day—no cappuccino after breakfast time, please—and he’d spent an obscene amount of money on a proper Italian coffee machine and an even more ridiculous sum shipping it back to Korea and having it installed. After a few weeks of training and a couple of accidents and new plaster on the ceiling, Yunho got the hang of making coffee the exact way Changmin likes it.

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Title: Driving With The Brakes On
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: NC17 overall; this chapter NC17
Summary: The mechanic and the academic. Long-distance relationship. Sceptical friends. This really shouldn’t work, but Yunho is determined that it will. Now he just has to convince Changmin that they can have forever.
Notes: AU. For the prompt ‘opposites attract’ in [ profile] diagon’s Twelve Months of HoMin challenge. Sequel to 0-60 in 3.5. In this ‘verse, Yunho is 28 and Changmin is 23.

Driving With The Brakes On

Chapter 1

Maybe the flowers were a mistake.

Yunho changes his mind three times between the car park and Changmin’s dorm. It had seemed like a good idea half an hour ago when he’d driven past the florist’s on the way to the university, but now he’s not so sure. It’s a bit weird to give a guy flowers. It’s even weirder when you’re giving the flowers to a guy you’ve not seen in almost a month after a one-off red-hot shagfest.

Yeah, the flowers are definitely a mistake. Yunho thought it was kind of a sweet gesture, but now he thinks it’s stupid. Especially as all these people—students, even—are giving him sidelong looks. They probably think he’s delivering the flowers. To a girl. Because the flowers are mostly pink. Those lilies that look a bit pornographic with their fleshy curling petals and sort of phallic sticky-up bit in the middle. Some cute flat things that look like daisies but they’re bigger and bright cerise. And roses, pale pink and pretty. The whole bouquet smells nice, too, and it’s wrapped in shiny paper with ribbons, and...

And this is a really moronic idea, and he doesn’t know what he was thinking, except he had this vague thought that it’d please Changmin.

Flowers. Guys don’t want to receive flowers. He should’ve bought a crate of beer instead.

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Title: Double Tap
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin/Siwon
Rating: NC17
Summary: Changmin has a fantasy. Yunho makes it come true.
Notes: PORN. Barebacking. Spit roast. Poppers. Double penetration. Lucky Changmin. If you haven’t seen Poseidon, Yunho and Siwon in SSAT uniforms look like this. For the Yunho and Siwon doubleteam Changmin prompt on the kink meme. Also fulfills the prompt ‘men in uniform’ for [ profile] diagon’s Twelve Months of HoMin challenge. With thanks to the Scarboro Massive (representin') for the title.

Double Tap

The pounding on the door wakes him. Changmin jolts upright, startled, his heart thudding, and then dizziness spins around his head and he groans. Fuck, he shouldn’t have drunk so much last night. A bleary glance at the time on the bedside clock shows that’s it not quite three in the morning. He’s been asleep approximately two hours. No wonder he still feels out of it.

The hammering continues. Jesus Christ, it’s enough to wake the dead. Changmin fumbles for the lamp, blinks at the sudden gleam of light, then kicks off the duvet. “Yeah, yeah, I’m coming, you dickhead,” he mutters as he staggers out of his room towards the front door of the apartment. He stumbles over something on the floor—probably a pair of Yunho’s shoes—and swears again. He is so not in the mood for this.

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Title: Executive Toy
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Changmin/Yunho
Rating: NC17
Summary: A good secretary will anticipate his boss’s every need.
Notes: AU. For the prompt ‘boss/secretary’ in [ profile] diagon’s Twelve Months of HoMin challenge.

Executive Toy

Yunho wakes up and comes face to face with Happy the Rhinopillar. The plushie’s big beaming smile confuses him for a moment, and then he sits up with a start. Jetlag swings around his head, the dizziness stretching and quivering. Sunlight is pouring through the panoramic windows of his office, but his body clock is telling him it’s the middle of the night. He doesn’t even know what time zone his head is in. East coast USA, perhaps, though he’d stopped in Helsinki and again in Munich, and then he was in New Delhi, and finally he’d spent a couple of hours in Shanghai.

He rubs both hands over his face. Ugh, he’s drooled on Happy again. Gross. He really needs to stop using the Rhinopillar as a pillow. There’s a perfectly good couch on the other side of his office, with a perfectly good nest of cushions and even a nice fluffy blanket if he needs to take a nap, but somehow Yunho always finds himself asleep at his desk.

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Title: The Pick-Up
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: NC17
Summary: This morning, supermodel Changmin’s biggest problem was running out of cigarettes. His day is about to get worse as a case of mistaken identity sends him into the line of fire—and into the arms of cop/spy/government agent/he’s-a-bit-vague-about-it-really Yunho, who would rather be saving the world than babysitting Changmin’s ass. Never mind that it’s a really cute ass. It’s not like Yunho has even noticed, right?
Notes: AU. Written for the prompt ‘mistaken identity’ as part of [ profile] diagon’s Twelve Months of HoMin challenge.

The Pick-Up

He’s out of cigarettes.

In itself this is not a big deal, but Changmin hasn’t eaten since dinner last night, and even then it wasn’t exactly a substantial meal. He can never eat decently for twenty-four hours before a photo shoot, so the cigarettes are a necessity rather than an indulgence, suppressing his appetite and helping him get through the day.

Except now he’s run out. The packet is empty, no matter how hard he stares into it. Changmin lifts his head and looks at his manager. “I need more smokes.”

His manager’s eyes widen and his mouth drops open. He’d look comical were it not for the fact that this reaction clearly indicates a lack of cigarettes in the immediate vicinity.

“Here,” says the photographer’s assistant with a polite smile, offering a battered packet. “Take one of mine.”

Changmin wrinkles his nose and shakes his head. “Not that brand.”

The assistant’s smile freezes and she gives him a look that clearly suggests that he’s a demanding, stuck-up wanker. It’s the kind of look he’s familiar with. Pretty much everyone thinks he’s a demanding, stuck-up wanker, but that’s okay because everyone expects supermodels to be assholes.

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Title: The Seaweed to your Sashimi
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Changmin/Yunho
Rating: NC17
Summary: “If you’re the squid, I’ll be your seaweed.”
Notes: Fluffy PWP for the prompt ‘food’ as part of [ profile] diagon’s Twelve Months of HoMin challenge. Happy Birthday, my love ♥

The Seaweed to your Sashimi

Changmin drops down onto a chair and stretches his legs out in front of him. He stares at his feet as if they belong to someone else. They hurt. Everything hurts. His throat is scratchy, his chest tight. His pulse is still racing. His ears ring with the aftershock of screams from thousands of fans and from the disorienting hiss of feedback. Another night, another concert, and yet the end of the tour seems so far away.

“Ungrateful bastard,” he tells himself, and reaches for one of the bottles of mineral water on the nearest dressing table. He twists at the cap for a while without managing to break the seal. He’s more exhausted than he thought. Either that or he’s lost so much weight over the past few months that he’s turned into a complete weed. He’s not sure which one he prefers.

The dressing room door bangs open and Yunho bounces in. He’s in the middle of a conversation. “And then the crab chased me through the perfume section of a department store, and it looked like Isetan in Shinjuku, but it was on the eleventh floor, and then it turned into a spider crab, a really big one, and it laughed—”

Changmin tilts his head, waiting for whoever was on the receiving end of Yunho’s weird conversation to follow him into the room.

The door swings shut.

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Title: Wolfsbane
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Changmin/Yunho; featuring Siwon
Rating: PG13-R (later scenes)
Wordcount: c.39,000 words.
What if one kiss could kill the man you love?

Yunho and Siwon have been best friends since childhood. When Siwon’s entire family is slaughtered on Christmas Eve, Yunho has no memory of what happened. Siwon claims a vampire did it—a vampire by the name of Shim Changmin. But Yunho doesn’t believe that vampires exist. Not until Changmin comes back into his life, hungry for a taste of Yunho’s blood.

But will one taste be enough? Changmin isn't known for his restraint, and Yunho has a secret of his own, one that could spell death for them both...

Notes: AU. Written for the prompt ‘vampire’ as part of [ profile] diagon’s Twelve Months of HoMin challenge. I have taken some liberties with vampire lore, combining parts of the Chinese jiang shi (殭屍), specifically the governance of the body by the hun (魂) and po (魄), with elements of the Greek vrykolakas. I am nothing if not predictable with my vampires. Wolfsbane, aka aconite or monkshood, is considered by some medieval scribes to be as fatal to vampires as it is to lycanthropes.

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5
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Title: Come Fly With Me
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: NC17
Summary: Superstar singer Changmin has a problem. Enter celebrity guru Yunho, who just loves solving problems.
Notes: AU. Written for the prompt ‘celebrity’ as part of [ profile] diagon’s Twelve Months of HoMin challenge.

Come Fly With Me

“We’ve found a solution to your problem,” Tae Goo announces as he strides into the apartment, a glossy magazine rolled up beneath one arm and a sheaf of print-outs in his hand.

Changmin looks up from his game console and scowls. “I don’t have a problem.”

“Yes, yes,” his manager says in soothing tones, “it’s more of an issue rather than an actual problem, I know. But anyway, after discussing it with senior management, we think we’ve found a cure.”

“You think you’ve found a cure or you know you have?” Changmin exits the game and flings the handset to the other side of the couch. He fixes his gaze on Tae Goo and narrows his eyes. “You came in here stating a certainty, and just now you introduced doubt. Please be consistent.”

Tae Goo sighs. “Why must you be so prickly? We’re only trying to help. Your prob—er, issue is starting to cause major concern now you’re one of our most popular singers. The issue interferes with your schedules, and everything else we’ve tried hasn’t worked—”

“I know that,” Changmin interrupts, a tight ball of tension forming in his belly. “You think I like it? I’d give anything to be free of it. To feel normal.”

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