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Not going to China.

Since only the outward flight was affected by the ash, we could go out on Tuesday and come back a week later. To maintain our original two-week holiday, we would have to pay £1200 for another flight back. So I've cancelled the trip. No point in starting again as it's £1000 or more to fly for the rest of this month, and about £850 in the first week of May. I'm out of money and out of time, so not going.

Mum will still go.


Climbed Mt Snowdon yesterday. Scattered Dad's ashes. He wanted to be 'all over' Snowdon so he's up at Clogwyn, in the Llanberis Pass, and at various points on the mountain up from the Snowdon Ranger. We also went to Aberdesach, Dinas Dinlle, Caernarfon, and Llancybi.

Emotionally and physically exhausted now. I really need a holiday. Is it July yet?
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The airline has advised passengers not to rebook until air space re-opens. Looks like things are improving though, so I'm going to try and get us on a plane in two weeks' time. After that I'm pretty much screwed though Mum could go on her own, so fingers crossed the volcano doesn't start spewing again.

Rather than waste a week's holiday, we've decided to climb a high mountain and scatter Dad's ashes pun intended.
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The funeral was yesterday afternoon. It went well, though it seemed to go by in a blur. About fifty people attended. The person Dad didn't want there stayed away, and the person he wanted to be there turned up. The flowers we got for him were lovely. No daffodils as it's too early in the year but the florist had got some tiny narcissi instead. About an hour before the funeral, it started to snow. Dad loved the snow.

I couldn't face watching the hearse arrive so I stayed in the kitchen with XiXi and James. One of the Co-Op funeral guys was incredibly good-looking (I'm sure Dad wouldn't mind me noticing that LOL). James threw up on the way to the crematorium. I held Mum's hand and kept looking at the coffin and even though I've been to funerals before, it felt really weird to think Dad was in there. Managed to sing and jig around a bit like he wanted. James was a good distraction. He kept pointing to the pictures of Dad on the service leaflet and then he pointed at the coffin. Don't think he really understood what was going on but it was cute.

It still feels unreal and the grief is much more raw now. But I think Dad would have been pleased with how it all went and that's the main thing.

Holidays tomorrow. Back on CNY.
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Dad died at 7.15pm.
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I share my birthday today with Kazuki Nakajima and Adrian Sutil. I still find that funny.

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