May. 12th, 2011 09:28 pm
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May. 10th, 2011 09:50 pm
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Oh Eurovision what the hell happened? What a crap selection D:

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Blue has been chosen to represent the UK in Eurovision.

BLUE. One of the most mind-numbingly bland and tedious boybands ever to walk the earth. Purveyor of dull ballads. And even better, they're singing a song they wrote themselves. Hurrah. I can't contain my excitement.

This time last year the committee had only just announced that Pete Waterman was writing the song. We didn't get to choose the representative until the middle of March. Obviously since Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Pete Waterman did such sterling jobs over the last two years, the UK public are no longer trusted with voting for which representative we want to send to Germany. So instead we get Blue and their new single.

I say unto you: WTF.

Though I wonder if it's not a smart attempt to land us with 0 points again, because Lord knows with the Olympics etc next year it's not like we can afford to host Eurovision.


May. 17th, 2009 07:59 am
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I really think I should stop watching Eurovision once the songs have ended, because the voting just winds me up. Marginally less political voting this year but still everyone votes for their neighbours. And there's always one dickhead amongst the jurors who talks too much or tries to heighten the tension by refusing to give out their results - I think it was Slovenia this year.

Someone explain to me why Norway won? The singer looks like a smug child and the song is forgettable. But! Norway isn't in the EU and it has very high taxes, so they can afford to host the show next year! And maybe Morten Harket will be the host again.

Poor old Denmark, the Scandinavian country everyone forgot this year.

My scoring was massively skewed by the addition of our 'Hotness' column, which saw the Ukraine and Germany getting 9 and 8 points respectively. I loved those hoplite/gladiator dancers for the Ukraine and thought the two dancers for Germany were very sexy. Dita von Teese didn't really need to be there.

My top ten:
1. Ukraine
2. Germany
3. UK (I thought Jade sang brilliantly - easily one of the strongest voices of the night, even though the song is boring)
4. Turkey (it's nothing we haven't seen before from the Turks but she looked good and the backflip dude at the end was hot - dunno why they had the other male dancer there, he looked really out of place)
5. Armenia (actually I thought this was a great song and I loved their outfits)
6. Azerbaijan (hated the male singer but the girl was stunning and she could sing really well; a catchy tune, too)
7. Finland (this would've been higher if it didn't have the rap. Loved the female vocals and the tune)
8. Bosnia & Herzegovina ("They look like they've escaped from Les Miserables")
9. Spain (pretty girl, catchy song, looked like she should be on Strictly Come Dancing)
10. Estonia (it was just very nice)

The ones I scored lowest were Portugal (it annoyed the heck out of me), Sweden (why bring an opera singer if you make her sing below her range for most of the song?) and Russia (the girl could sing well, but she appeared to be wearing a towel and that gigantic face in the background was horrible and distracting).

It was a better ESC than last year but for the first time ever (apart from last year, obviously), I didn't vote. It was all a bit disappointing, really.
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We missed semi-final 1 on Tuesday for the simple reason that we didn't know it was on, so last night we sat down with our BBC print-outs and scored each song, with the addition of a 'Hotness' column. Since so many songs are instantly forgettable these days, we also gave each entrant a keyword, e.g Cyprus was 'Bad Disney'.

My lowest score out of a possible total of 40 was 2 for Cyprus, which was unbelievably bloody awful, and my highest was 35 for the Ukraine (described by our commentator as "a stripper and some gladiators in hamster wheels"). I think most of my top five went through, except for the one with the violins and the woman behind the passport control curtain who sang about three lines. Great tune but they needed more of a song, and why did the vocalist only turn up on stage 30 seconds from the end? Weird, but this is Eurovision after all.

I was a bit disappointed with the Greek song. Sakis is a great singer but IMO that's a weak song and the performance was cheesy (his keyword was 'The Hoff', which says it all, really). We did laugh at the sunbed with the Greek flag in it. Wtf.

Denmark's song would be so much better if Ronan actually sang it as well as writing it.

I think this is the first year ever that I like all the songs from the Big Four. Usually France can't be arsed, Germany and the UK fluctuate between sending joke entries or try-too-hard entries, and Spain either sends dirges or bland Costa del Sol pop. This year they've all made a real effort so I expect (political voting notwithstanding) to see most if not all of the Big Four in the top 10.

I don't think the UK will win. Jade has a great voice, looks good and has Andrew Lloyd-Webber with her, but I doubt that's enough to clinch it. Unless I'm wowed by any of the entrants who made it through from semi-final 1 (like Malta - I really want them to win because they're so enthusiastic, but realistically, I doubt it), my vote this year will go to Germany, Spain or the Ukraine.

Just to be showing my Eurovision spirit, I'm making flammkuchen tomorrow (Val - since we came back from your place I've been seeing flammkuchen everywhere in recipes, except they call it by the French name!) and a big tiramisu for dessert. I think we have some Euro wine somewhere, too.

To quote our commentator: "The Belarussians have given me a half-bottle of vodka. Do you think I should start drinking it?"

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