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Title: Hero
Fandom: F1 RPS
Pairing: Michael Schumacher/Eddie Irvine
Rating: PG13
Summary: Eddie doesn’t want to be a hero.
Notes: Written for the 10 Years of F1 Slash project.


Spa, 2001

It’s already late when there’s a tentative knock at the door. Michael answers it without much thought. He’s surprised to see Eddie standing there, sunglasses still on, hair ruffled, a despondent line to his shoulders. Michael stares at him for a moment, aware of a flicker of imbalance, because Eddie doesn’t knock on doors hesitantly; he bangs on them and occasionally kicks them for good measure.

Michael pulls the door wide and leans against it. “The hero of the hour.”

“Shut up, all right?” Eddie shoves past without waiting for an invitation. Now that’s more like him, rude and abrupt and just walking in and taking what he wants.

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* Mansai's film Nobou no Shiro has been put back until autumn 2012.

* Yesterday we went to Market Weighton for lunch and talked about Glee fic for an hour or so. Good coffee (no syrup, though) and excellent food, so will go there again. Also not too far to travel, and much nicer than Selby. The brilliant sunshine helped.

* Have been re-reading [ profile] satanael's old fics. Good times.

* Baa baa black sheep: the fandom kink meme, seen just about everywhere )
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Title: Fuck (With) Me
Fandom: F1 RPS
Pairing: Ralf Schumacher/Juan Pablo Montoya
Rating: NC17
Summary: After his victory at Imola, Ralf comes to collect his winnings.
Notes: Old Skool PWP for [ profile] diagon! Written for the 10 Years of F1 Slash project.

Fuck (With) Me

Imola, 2001

Juan leans against the curving interior wall of his motorhome and studies the mess in front of him. The debris of food and drinks are scattered across the long, low table. Sticky circles mark the gloss of its surface. Plates are piled haphazardly, smeared and crusted with whatever the fuck his guests had been eating during the race. Cushions have been flung aside. The thick rubber-matted floor bears the puncture marks of high heels. The leather couches have scuffmarks on the seats. Greasy fingerprints cover the widescreen television. The remote control is nowhere to be seen.

He sighs and rubs his forehead. He’s got no intention of clearing this up, but it pisses him off to look at the chaos. Patrick will probably chew him out for inviting random people into his motorhome in the first place. He hadn’t known a single one of them, which made it all the more amusing to invite them in here. Fuck those corporate hangers-on and celeb-fuckers that stood around the paddock with eager expressions and too much cleavage. He hopes they at least enjoyed his free hospitality, because his race had been the same old shit.

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[ profile] diagon and I have just spent the past 6 hours watching the 1999 and 2001 F1 season reviews. I never liked Irvine back then but I like him now. Weird. And even though we knew the outcome of the races we still cheered our drivers on. How random is that!

Also, now I remember what I saw in Mika.

I totally blame [ profile] lixia84 for this most unexpected resurgence. Dear me.

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