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Title: Eau Rouge at 200mph
Fandom: F1
Pairing: Mika Hakkinen/Michael Schumacher
Rating: R
Summary: Love. Victory. Fame. None of these things really matter.
Notes: Written for the Kimi bingo card as part of the [ profile] f1slash Summer Slash challenge. Top line bingo using the prompts: tattoos/tattooing, crimson, drugs/aphrodisiacs, Spa, and rough body play. Set across the 2000 season. I think Michael’s henna tattoo made an appearance in 2001, but neither [ profile] diagon nor I could remember exactly and Google was no help at all, so excuse the anachronism. Also, a very literal rendering of ‘drugs’, but if it’s good enough for Bryan Ferry...

Eau Rouge at 200mph

They fuck because they have no reason not to. It’s expected of them, and they have a history of it, a history that goes back two years, and everyone knows it. One must always give the audience what it wants, even if the performance is behind closed doors, even if the only ones who know for sure are the two participants themselves, because then they become an audience for one another, and that pushes them further, and further, because sex, like racing, is a competition.

They measure their love in terms of breakages, physical and mental.

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Nicked from [ profile] rheasilvia.

Give me:
- A pairing/combination of characters
- An alternate universe

...and I will write you three sentences (or more if I feel like it).

Obviously it has to be a fandom I'm familiar with :p

I am still asleep. Zzzzzzz.

ETA: Meme closed XD The twisted results will be delivered in due course :p
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Title: Table for Three
Fandom: F1 RPS
Pairing: Nico Rosberg/Michael Schumacher/Mika Hakkinen
Rating: R
Summary: Michael's getting too old for this.
Notes: For [ profile] fanged_angel. Bonus appearance by Mika. Fulfils the ‘orgasm denial’ square for kink_bingo.

Table for Three

The restaurant is half empty. Michael is shown to his table by a maitre d’ who smiles too much. He’s aware of the ripple of interest his appearance makes as he passes through the room. This is the kind of place where diners won’t come over and bother him, but they’ll certainly look at him. He wonders what they’re thinking when they glance his way, when they set their stares in his direction.

That’s Michael Schumacher, seven times world champion, or perhaps: There’s that old guy who should retire already.

It doesn’t matter that the old guy who should retire already is also a seven times world champion. You’re either one thing or the other; in this life, you can’t be both. Michael knows that. It doesn’t make it any easier.
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Title: Extinguished
Fandom: F1 RPS
Pairing: Nico Rosberg/Nelson Piquet Jr
Rating: R
Summary: He can’t peel away the memories.
Notes: Some angst for the Queen of Angst, [ profile] zeraparker! Written for the ‘pervertibles’ square for kink_bingo.


Nico places everything he needs on the coffee table. He kneels on the rug and looks at the items. Plain white paraffin candle. A box of matches. An empty saucer. A box of tissues. The rest of the table is bare, cleared of its usual clutter.

The scene is almost set. He gets to his feet and closes the blinds, draws the curtains. The room isn’t plunged into darkness, of course—not like it was back then—but then it was mid-winter in France and now it’s springtime in Monaco. There’s a gloom, though, and that’ll be enough to trip the memory and make it settle.

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Title: Remount
Fandom: F1 RPS
Pairing: Robert Kubica/Vitaly Petrov
Rating: PG13
Summary: It’s his first time back behind the wheel.
Notes: For [ profile] lixia84. Written for the ‘vehicular’ square for kink_bingo. Sequel to Recovery; takes place in Monaco this year. I know Bob’s been on the simulator but I don’t know if he’s actually driven a road car yet. In this I assume he hasn’t been allowed to take the chance.


The circus blows into town. Yachts big and small crowd the harbour, the international media hang around every likely nightspot, and the usual Monaco buzz heightens to an excited tension. It’s inescapable, the knowledge that F1 is coming to Monte Carlo, and Robert isn’t sure how he’s going to handle it.

It was okay when the races took place on the other side of the world, but right here in Monaco it’s far too close for comfort. He doesn’t want to walk down the pitlane looking like this. It’s too soon, the doctors tell him, and though he’d like to disagree, he knows that to show himself to his team, to his rivals, when he still hasn’t healed—well, that would be stupid. It would place him at a psychological disadvantage.

Better for him to wait, to return at the end of the season. He has to make a better comeback than Felipe did. He has to show everyone that he’s not beaten, that he can drive one-handed if it comes to it.

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Title: Polished
Fandom: F1 RPS
Pairing: Fernando Alonso/Martin Whitmarsh
Rating: PG
Summary: A gentleman’s shoes are the most important aspect of his attire.
Notes: Written for the ‘foot/shoe fetish’ square for kink_bingo. Seriously, I’m starting to find Fernando sexually attractive in a fictional sense IKR send help now and decided he’s really kinky and really complicated and the two dovetail rather nicely. I like the idea that he has Martin looking after one set of emotional needs and he’s got Bob for the more visceral urges. Set in Monaco this year.


They have little rituals, things they do that take the place of difficult conversations. It’s not necessary all the time, but occasionally it’s easier to do rather than think, and Fernando achieves a closer union, greater completion, when he doesn’t need to explain or justify his reasons.

He arrives at the hotel on time and asks the concierge for the envelope that’s waiting for him behind the desk. He doesn’t open it until he’s alone in the mirrored and marbled lift. A keycard slides out, and a slip of paper with the room number written in bold, royal blue ink. Martin always uses a fountain pen. The ink is never smudged.

Fernando returns the paper to the envelope, folds both items in two, and puts them in his jacket pocket. He has several of these mementos now. Maybe it’s foolish to keep them, just a collection of room numbers, but he uses them to order his thoughts.

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Honestly I will run out of steam fairly soon, but meantime I'm striking while the iron is hot and other mixed metaphors...

Title: Gear Shift
Fandom: NASCAR/WRC or ex-F1 RPS, you decide XD
Pairing: Nelson Piquet Jr/Kimi Raikkonen, mention of Nelson/Nico Rosberg
Rating: R
Summary: Nelson thinks too much. It’s time to break the habit.
Notes: For [ profile] deltachild. Written for the kink_bingo square ‘possession/marking’.

Gear Shift

Rumours have been flying around for weeks, but today he knows it’s true—Kimi is racing trucks. He’s not content with throwing rally cars across ice and into trees and down ditches; no, he’s coming to the States and he’s trying out a truck for size.

The media scramble to get a reaction from Juan-Pablo, who looks benevolent and offers sage but ultimately useless advice. What could Kimi possibly learn from Juan-Pablo? Kimi is the one who won the WDC, after all. Not that the title translated into wins in the World Rally Championship. A triumph in one series doesn’t mean shit in others. Look at Michael Andretti. Look at Juan-Pablo. Horses for courses.

Nelson turns off his laptop and closes the lid. Gently, until he hears a soft click. He puts it to one side and stares at it. No one asked him what he thought about Kimi coming to NASCAR. No one sought his opinion. Not that he wanted to give Kimi advice. Kimi isn’t the kind of guy who takes advice from anyone, regardless of how senior they are and how many races they’ve won across however many series and formulae.

But still, Nelson wishes someone had thought to ask him anyway, because otherwise it’s like everyone’s forgotten he ever took part in F1.
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Title: Talk is Cheap
Fandom: F1 RPS
Pairing: Eric Lux/Adrian Sutil/Lewis Hamilton
Rating: R
Summary: If only Eric Lux hadn’t opened his mouth, everything would still be alright.
Notes: For the superlative [ profile] satanael. Written for the kink_bingo square ‘verbal humiliation’. Contains homophobic and racist language.

Talk is Cheap

They arrive late to the nightclub. It’s Lewis’s fault, but he claims it isn’t. He says it’s Adrian’s fault and makes up some spurious reason to prove it. Nothing is ever Lewis’s fault. Besides, they were celebrating Lewis’s first win of the season. That’s worth something, especially this year, when they know victories will be hard to find.

Eager to make the most of his triumph, Lewis demands a celebration in private before they even leave the circuit. He summons his bodyguards later, when they’re ready to go out into the Shanghai nightlife, and he smirks at Adrian, wiggles his eyebrows. “I didn’t need them before, because before, I had you to protect my body.”

Adrian smiles and feels cheap. He doubts he could fight his way out of a paper bag, let alone protect Lewis. He’s not built for aggression. His anger is slow-burning, the kind that implodes rather than explodes, but usually he works it off by going for a run, climbing a mountain, or playing the piano. He can’t imagine punching someone. Not even Jarno Trulli.

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Title: Experience
Fandom: F1 RPS
Pairing: Fernando Alonso/Martin Whitmarsh; mentions of Fernando/Flav and Fernando/Ron Dennis
Rating: PG
Summary: Fernando likes older men.
Notes: Written for the kink_bingo square ‘ageplay’. Set around the British GP during the 2009 season.


Martin is late.

Fernando doesn’t mind. He sits at a table tucked away in a restaurant situated in a discreet part of Oxfordshire, and he waits. He’s happy to do so. It’s unusual that he has to wait for anything, but for some people he’ll wait with endless patience. For some men. Two men, he’d thought, but this evening he adds a third name to the list. It’s not a surprise, but it wasn’t something he’d expected, and so he’s content to wait, letting the anticipation build.

His phone beeps. A text message from Martin. Nearly there. Sorry to keep you waiting. No text speak, no emoticons. Just two plain sentences. How very like him. Fernando smiles and sets down the phone.

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