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Title: Snow on Roses
Fandom: JPM RPS [AU: City of Sin ‘verse]
Pairing: Xiao Jie/Wang Zi
Rating: NC17
Summary: A whore shouldn’t fall in love.
Notes: Female prostitutes addressed their Madam as ‘Foster Mother’, but it felt odd to have Wang Zi call Zhou Mi ‘Foster Father’, so I stuck with ‘Master Zhou’ as the honorific.

Snow on Roses

Winter had come early this year.

Wang Zi sat by the open door onto the veranda and allowed the cold to creep over him. It stung his face, tiny needle-sharp prickles draining him of warmth. If he kept very still, perhaps the frost would cover him, grant him a mask of ice. He almost smiled at the thought, and the twitch of his lips felt unnatural, like something trapped. He bent his head, let his hair fall to tickle across his face, and studied the stiff embroidery on his robes.

He wore heavy silks in the paling scarlet combination, his top robe the colour of fresh blood, a pattern of bamboo picked out in glittering black thread. The under-layers comprised two robes of scarlet touched with violet, one paler than the other, and two white glossed silk robes beneath them. His hakama was black, double-dyed to achieve inky perfection.

The padded, layered silks rustled whenever he moved. He dug his toes into the softened tatami and leaned forward, inhaling another dusting of cold as the breeze scattered snow from the tiled roof. His fingertips were numb, but still he remained by the open door.

Icicles dripped from the eaves. The courtyard lay muffled beneath a quilt of snow deep enough to obliterate most detail. In the raised beds, a silver rime delineated the petals of the late autumn roses, the flowers frozen in faded beauty.

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glitterburn: (JPM: WangZi & XiaoJie selca)
A new MV every two weeks? Guys, I believe that's called 'spam'.

Or do you just really, really have to release everything all at once before you turn into mice at the strike of midnight?

Well, 因為有你 is a ballad, which automatically places it into the 'skip' category when I listen to the album, and the MV is notable chiefly for the fact that Wang Zi is wearing more lip gloss than the girl.

But then, this makes sense. His mouth is prettier.

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