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[ profile] happyhanabi has produced a podfic of my story Sin! Creepy Heian shenanigans for your listening pleasure. Find it here on her DW or on AO3.

Thank you, Hana!
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Title: Crawl
Fandom: Onmyouji
Pairing: Seimei/Hiromasa
Rating: PG
Summary: Seimei and Hiromasa call in at the Tamura shrine and find its guardians terrified of a creature lurking in the forest.
Notes: For the [ profile] spook_me ficathon. My creature prompt was ‘insect’ and the cover prompts were of an ant and a dragonfly. Part 4 of the Tokaido series; takes place after The Curse of Kuwana.


Out of the darkness, shapes came crawling. Some large, some small, but all with the same purpose. They crawled over branch and stone, crept around pine trees, and picked up their feet to scurry across the bridge. The river rolled on beneath them, a thundering black gush that threw up a mist of spray. Some of the creatures were caught in webs of water and slipped into the swollen stream, but others took their place.

They swarmed across the bridge, a shining mass beneath a fitful moon, spilling over one another in their haste to survive.

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[ profile] betinafei is in the process of translating some of my Onmyouji fics into Russian. She mentioned that her friend Northern_Fox had been inspired by Mono no Aware and had drawn an illustration of the start of the fic. Northern_Fox has kindly said I could share this absolutely gorgeous picture with you, so here it is:

Isn't it amazing? I just love the way she's drawn the flowers and the cherry tree, and the lovely lines of the clothes. The way Hiromasa looks so earnest as he tries to name every flower in Seimei's garden, and Mitsumushi helping him out holding the brushes and ink, and Seimei just being so very quiet and amused as he watches proceedings.

I could look at this picture for hours! Thank you so much, Northern_Fox!
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I wrote these recently for Porn Battle XII but was too idlebusy to x-post them at the time, so here they are now. As usual for my Heian-inspired fics they're more suggestive than porny; it all depends on your mood.

The Morning-After Letter )
Sunlight )
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Title: The Sound of the Rain
Fandom: Onmyouji
Pairing: Seimei/Hiromasa
Rating: PG
Summary: Seimei invites Hiromasa to enjoy the silence.
Notes: For [ profile] diagon. Written for both the ‘silence’ square for kink_bingo and the prompt ‘summer shower’ at [ profile] smallfandomfest.

The Sound of the Rain

It’s raining when the letter arrives. Hiromasa is playing his flute to the accompaniment of raindrops on the tiled roof, letting the rhythm of the summer shower dictate the melody. It starts slow then speeds up; the mournful tune with which he began becomes jaunty. He sways to the music, not quite dancing, and then turns to see a letter lying on the bridgeway. Taking the flute from his lips, he ventures along the covered walkway to examine the message. Pale grey paper, as grey as the swirling clouds, twisted and fastened with a cluster of white climbing roses, their hearts golden and their petals scattered with raindrops.

Hiromasa crouches, frees the spray of roses, and reads the message. As usual, Seimei ignores the conventions of polite letter-writing. No opening poem, no meandering around the point—just an invitation, two lines long: I am having a day of silence. Come and join me.

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Title: Correspondence
Fandom: Onmyouji
Pairing: Seimei/Hiromasa
Rating: PG
Summary: Seimei visits Aki province. From the capital, Hiromasa writes to him.
Notes: For [ profile] karadin. Written for both the ‘epistolary’ square for kink_bingo and the prompt ‘the pleasure of your company’ at [ profile] smallfandomfest. All poems are taken from the Manyoshu; references are given at the end of the fic.


Dear Seimei,

Gazing at the hazy moon
through the dark mist of night
induces sadness in me.

Well, Seimei. I hope your journey is less tedious than... whatever it is you find most tedious. There’s so many things you find tedious that I can’t tell which one you dislike most. And please don’t tell me, because then I shall laugh whenever I have to do the tedious thing, because I always have to do tedious things and I don’t often find them tedious the way you do, so it gets me wondering why you find them tedious and...

You’re probably finding this letter tedious right now, aren’t you? You are, I can see it. Not really, of course, but I can imagine you just about wrinkling your nose and arching your eyebrows in that very superior way you have, and in a moment you’ll fling my letter to the floor and declare that I’m impossible, or you’ll sigh and say “Oh Hiromasa” in that way you do. Or you’ll just fold the letter up and put it in your sleeve and have another drink.

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