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Title: Honeytrap
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Siwon/Zhou Mi
Rating: NC17
Summary: His job was to watch, not to get involved. Now it’s too late for them both.
Notes: AU. Written for the ‘spies and private eyes’ gift basket on kink_bingo, using all nine kinks as a whole card extra: voyeurism, roleplay, drugs/aphrodisiacs, mechanical/technical, emotion play, pictures, vehicular, smacking/slapping, and scars.
Warning: Contains non-con (consent cannot be given due to inhibiting effect of drugs).



Siwon can’t move.

He’s lying on his bed almost fully dressed, cock hard and straining at his trousers. Confusion fogs his mind. His gun is on the bedside table, but he can’t reach it. He’s tried. With effort he can twitch his fingers, but to do so takes all of his focus and that’s in short supply right now. He can barely hold a coherent thought in his head, memories and imaginings and realities drifting and merging and leading him along other paths.

Concentrate. Don’t panic.

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Title: Protocol
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Sungmin/Zhou Mi
Rating: NC17
Summary: Sungmin saves the Prince of Wu’s life during an assassination attempt. His reward—becoming a member of the Prince’s personal bodyguard. Zhou Mi is beautiful and proud and aware of his responsibilities, but soon both men are caught between duty and desire.
Notes: AU. For [ profile] pinkymingo, who asked for modern-day Prince Mimi in leather and Sungmin as his bodyguard.


Sungmin knows his place. He’s part of a machine; he’s a link in the chain of security that runs around the royal family of the Kingdom of Chu. In himself, he ranks higher than a chambermaid but lower than an aide-de-camp, but such comparisons are useless because, in an emergency, his words, his actions, could decide the fate of a nation.

He tries not to think of it in those terms. For him, this is a job. He’s always taken pride in his work, always excelled at it. Until recently he served the Marquis of Jingzhou, but now he’s standing in the Ministry of War, waiting to be summoned to his new position as personal bodyguard to the Prince of Wu.

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Title: Permission
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Zhou Mi/Siwon
Rating: NC17
Summary: Sometimes you just need permission to let go.
Notes: PWP for [ profile] lixia84. Wet MiWon, just because XD


The faint hum of the air con breaks the silence of the room, but not the tension. Siwon prowls barefoot back and forth across the carpet, waiting, waiting. Zhou Mi stands at the window, looking down at the flash and spool of lights in Singapore. They both inhabit that strange place between exhaustion and exhilaration, detached from the concert they’ve just given but still caught up in the sense of performance. On nights like this, Siwon needs Zhou Mi. Needs to lose himself, needs to keep on taking what’s given, needs to prolong the high of experience.

He waits, circling closer to Zhou Mi. They both know what will happen here tonight. It’s inevitable. But he waits, because Zhou Mi hasn’t given permission yet, and the waiting is painful and exciting, and while he waits, there’s still the possibility that Zhou Mi will say ‘no’.

Another long minute passes, and then Zhou Mi turns from the window. He looks immaculate as always, dressed in a suit similar to the one he wore on stage, black and beautifully tailored. His hair is still slightly damp. He has that glow about him, the happiness he carries whenever he’s been able to pour his emotions into song, and it makes him irresistible.

Siwon comes closer, lust overcoming reason.

“Yes,” Zhou Mi says, voice husky and dark. “Yes.”

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Title: Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Zhou Mi/Siwon
Rating: R
Summary: Boundaries keep you safe. They also keep you trapped.
Notes: Written for [ profile] lixia84’s prompts ‘denial, boundaries, leader’ for Porn Battle XIII.

Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me

The empty wine bottle spins and spins, glimmering beneath the lights of the dorm room, until finally it comes to rest pointing at Siwon.

Donghae gives a crow of laughter. “Bro, truth or dare?”

Siwon shrugs. “Truth.”

“Excellent!” Donghae is a little the worse for wear as he sits sprawled on the floor, his legs splayed out in front of him and five empty beer cans half crushed between his thighs. He points an unsteady finger in Siwon’s direction. He’s a little off, but considering how fast he drank that beer, maybe he can be forgiven. “Wait,” he says, “lemme think.”

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Title: For One Night Only
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Siwon/Zhou Mi
Rating: NC17
Summary: Fate brought them together; fate pulled them apart.
Notes: For [ profile] lixia84’s prompt for the Three Sentences AU meme: ‘Mimi in that jazz bar that Siwon's just tweeted from. Siwon's a business traveller, Mimi's a singer who knows all the tricks of the trade’. Also, the visuals for the morning after. Unf Siwon you big troll, making a play for the top of my bias list again.

For One Night Only

Siwon leans back in the armchair and finally lets himself relax. The dainty clock on the mantelpiece has just struck ten, the tinny chimes almost lost to the murmur of conversation and the discreet, soulful meanderings of jazz from the piano at the far end of the room.

He lifts his glass, swirls the aged French brandy, and inhales its scent to chase away the drowsy sweetness of the cigars his colleagues had been smoking. He takes a sip, letting the brandy roll across his tongue. He couldn’t let himself enjoy the taste before, but now he’s alone, he appreciates the smoothness, the delicate edge of bitterness; now he can let it go to his head.

The day has gone well, Siwon thinks. A series of successful meetings followed by dinner at Le Caprice, where talk of business matters was prohibited in favour of gossip about the actors, politicians, and footballer’s wives seated at the other tables. Then back to the hotel for a civilised drink, a bottle or two of fine cognac and Cuban cigars.

Siwon found it amusing to conduct high-level business arrangements in such a public place, but the hotel was exclusive, the Library Bar hushed and warm with its Regency period decor. The cut-throat discussions had been overlaid with bonhomie while in the background, a tall, slender man dressed in a fitted black and gold changshan and loose black silk trousers leaned against the piano and sang smoky, sexy songs about lust and loss.

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Nicked from [ profile] rheasilvia.

Give me:
- A pairing/combination of characters
- An alternate universe

...and I will write you three sentences (or more if I feel like it).

Obviously it has to be a fandom I'm familiar with :p

I am still asleep. Zzzzzzz.

ETA: Meme closed XD The twisted results will be delivered in due course :p
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Title: Deconstruction
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Yesung/Kyuhyun
Rating: PG13
Summary: Things change, but nothing is ever forgotten. Not when it really matters.
Notes: Sleazy jazz bar AU. For [ profile] lixia84, in gratitude for the bindweed.


It looks like nothing much from the outside. Not the kind of place that’d hold the attention of a casual passer-by. A steel door, dented and scuffed at the bottom, a number painted on it with a careless hand. Walls of concrete, pitted and crumbling where they meet the street. A neighbourhood of padlocked metal blinds and cobwebbed security glass and faded signs naming companies that went out of business twenty years ago.

Jongwoon resets his expectations to zero. He tries the door handle, surprised when it dips smoothly. The door swings open on oiled hinges. Inside, everything seems silent, and it’s the silence that draws him in. If there’d been noise, the honky-tonk of a piano, the slip-slide of a saxophone, the sob of vocals, he’d have turned on his heel and walked away. But silence is much more intriguing.

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Yay for DDoS attacks, almost as amusing as the MAMA live feed crapping out 40 seconds into SuJu's performance! Speaking of which, I hope Siwon burns that horrific coat he's been carting around for the past few days; it really is the most unflattering garment and makes him look like he needs police outriders. Perhaps he could use it as a pup tent during an ascent of K2.

However, I will forgive the disgusting coat because he was so slashy with Sungmin, and this trumps Ugly Fashion. Only just, mind.

[ profile] rheasilvia, the soaps arrived and smell (and look) divine, thank you! :D The Neon one really is well named, it was almost glowing through the bag!

The other week I caved and bought TVXQ's Tone album (the yellow version). It arrived today and whee, I got the Yunho card inside ^^ These days I consider myself lucky if I like 4 songs on an album, especially because Asian pop in general has a tendency towards ballads. So I was beyond pleasantly surprised by Tone, which has 8 songs that I really, really like, 6 songs that are what I consider 'inoffensive', and only one song that's an instant skip. It's a much better album than Keep Your Head Down, though I prefer the photography for KYHD.

I think I prefer the Japanese version of 'Maximum', though the Japanese version of KYHD doesn't scan so well. Actually having the lyrics at hand also makes 'Superstar' less hilarious - I always thought they sang about re-ups (further proof that kpop is like a drug), but alas, they don't.

Also, 'I Think U Know' is just about the most awesome track ever (Norwegian Eurodance FTW!) and I CANNOT STOP LISTENING TO IT. Ugh, I have a thing for Yunho's falsetto in the chorus. Yet another completely random and nonsensical thing that I never liked in a man before he came along and destroyed every bias I ever had.
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I gots to get me one of these 'eject hot guy into the air and into bed a location of your choosing' toys for Christmas. I hope there's a deluxe version that shreds the hot guy's clothes in mid-air. Also wondering if Siwon comes as standard or if I can swap him for Yunho. Though I am not complaining if I get the Siwon version of this toy, honest. has not watched this moment many times just to ogle his thighs, oh no, not at all

I have period pain, okay, I'm allowed to be silly.
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This evening I had an urge to listen to a song by Anthony Wong Yiu Ming that he sang for (I think) a show or something to do with (I think) Empress Cixi or it had some sort of connection with imperial China *it's so vague* Anyway, of course I couldn't find the song so I was randomly listening to Cantopop of yesteryear when I went looking for this epic Leslie and Anita Mui duet:

And as I was watching, I transposed Sungmin and Hyukjae and... had a bit of a moment.
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Title: A piacere, con brio
Fandom: Super Junior M RPS
Pairing: Henry/Ryeowook
Rating: NC17
Summary: Henry likes Ryeowook. Ryeowook likes Henry. It should be easy, but something gets lost in translation.
Notes: For [ profile] diagon, who saved it twice over, and with thanks to [ profile] aitakute for answering my super-specific question ♥

A piacere, con brio

“Yo, yo, yo,” Henry yodels as he slouch-strides into the kitchen one morning. It’s after ten o’clock, and everyone else is up. Siwon and Donghae are away filming, but the rest of them have the day off. Sungmin is frowning at his phone, Zhou Mi is picking through the latest pile of gifts sent by fans, and Hyukjae is standing over Kyuhyun offering apparently unwanted advice on whatever he’s doing online.

Ryeowook is washing the dishes. A huge pile of dishes and pots and pans. The weird thing is, he seems to be washing dishes that are already clean and dry.

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Title: Tangents
Fandom: SJM RPS
Pairing: Donghae/Siwon
Rating: R
Summary: Donghae is curious. Siwon has no intention of satisfying that curiosity. At least, not yet.
Notes: A side story for the Counting Backwards series. Partially overlaps the events of The Square Root of Four.


The fast food restaurant is cheap and junky and serves the kind of shit that has salad only as a throwaway garnish. Ryeowook declares in his quiet, over-dramatic way that he would rather die than eat in such a place, and their little refugee group splits up, Jongwoon wandering after Ryeowook while Siwon agrees to eat calorie-laden crap. At least, Donghae takes it as agreement, since Siwon follows him into the restaurant and sits down in a booth near the window.

Donghae places their order without reference to Siwon. Their drinks arrive first, rattling with too many ice cubes, the cheap waxed paper cups beading with moisture. Donghae collects a few bendy straws and a handful of paper napkins and carries the drinks over to the table.

“You’ve ordered?” Siwon looks resigned rather than surprised. “You always do that. You should ask people what they want first. I wanted chicken wings.”

“I ordered your damn chicken wings already,” Donghae lies. “It’s not like you eat anything else here. Remember to put two straws in my drink.”

Siwon tears at the wrappers and mutters something about Donghae being six years old, but he slides two straws through the lid of the cup anyway. Donghae nods, goes back to the counter, and orders chicken wings.

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Title: The Square Root of Four
Fandom: Super Junior M RPS
Pairing: Sungmin/Eunhyuk
Rating: PG13
Summary: The secret’s out, everything’s broken, but love is worth fighting for.
Notes: Crossdressing!Sungmin. Counting Backwards, final part. Sequel to Two Plus Two Equals Five.

The Square Root of Four

You cheated on me. You fucking bitch.

Sungmin stares at Hyukjae, unable to make sense of what he’s just heard. He is Sungmin, not Jade, so how can he have cheated? He is male, not female, so how can he be a bitch?

“I didn’t cheat on you.”

“Uh,” says Donghae, looking weary, shaking his head, “you did. Unless Siwon was lying just now. Which he might have done, but I don’t know why, because it’s a bad thing to tell a lie, and...” He stops, clearly confused by his own rhetoric. “And,” he says again, but doesn’t continue.

Into the silence, Hyukjae says, “Shut up.”

Donghae coughs. “Wasn’t saying anything.”

“Just shut up.” Hyukjae hasn’t taken his gaze from Sungmin. The expression in his eyes intensifies, bores into Sungmin like a brand burning through layers of flesh. “Was it worth it?”

Sungmin has no idea what he means. Sex with Siwon, the bet, the threesome with Donghae, the creation of Jade, all of it, none of it? He opens his mouth, slicks his lower lip with his tongue. Gives an honest answer. “Yes.”

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Title: Two Plus Two Equals Five
Fandom: Super Junior M RPS
Pairing: Sungmin/Siwon (Eunhyuk/Sungmin)
Rating: NC17
Summary: Donghae lets the challenge hang between them for a moment, and when Sungmin doesn’t take it, he adds, “We’ve made a bet, Hyukjae and me. Two hundred thousand won. He thinks your girly act can fool anyone. I don’t think it can.”
Notes: Crossdressing!Sungmin. Counting Backwards, part 3. Sequel to Three into One.

Two Plus Two Equals Five

Donghae puts forward his great idea when they’re in the dorms. In the kitchen, to be precise, where anyone could hear. He comes over, Hyukjae trailing after him, and says, “Sungmin, we’ve been talking, Hyukjae and me, and we’ve had this brilliant idea. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if you did your dress-up thing and managed to fool someone else? Properly fool them, I mean. Properly make them think you were a girl.”

Sungmin freezes in the act of wiping dry a bowl from the stack of plates and dishes left on the draining board. He stares at Donghae, too stunned to find words of protest or anger. And Hyukjae says nothing, doesn’t even deny his part in the plan, but just stands there and stares at the shiny taps of the sink.

“You’re so fucking hot, Min,” Donghae continues with relish. “As a girl, I mean. I could almost forget you were you. So I said to Hyukjae, I wonder if he—she—could really trick someone else.”

“No.” Sungmin’s voice is hoarse. “You knew it was me. I didn’t fool you.”

Donghae holds up his hands, framing Sungmin’s head and shoulders as if through a viewfinder. “If you had longer hair, wore it more in your face—that would disguise you a bit more. And that club last week had way too many lasers and shit. If we took you someplace dark, no one would know.”

“No.” Sungmin struggles, his mind only now catching up with the reality of the situation. He can’t believe Donghae is talking about this, talking about it here, talking about it like it’s some kind of cheap party trick, something to be rolled out as entertainment. He’s too off-balance to order his thoughts, too wounded by Hyukjae’s refusal to speak, and all Sungmin can find to say is: “This isn’t—I don’t... It’s not a performance piece.”

Donghae just looks at him, looks at him with too much knowledge and a splinter of kindness, and says, “Isn’t it?”

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Title: Three into One
Fandom: Super Junior-M RPS
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Sungmin/Donghae
Rating: NC17
Summary: Curious about Eunhyuk’s secret girlfriend, Donghae invites himself along on date night.
Notes: Crossdressing!Sungmin. Counting Backwards, part 2. Sequel to Two Divided by Zero.

Three into One

“I want to meet her,” Donghae says.

Hyukjae keeps his face expressionless, but his hand tightens on his phone. He snaps it shut, slides it into his pocket. It’s the third Thursday of the month, and her message was early today. He lifts his eyebrows, looks at Donghae with what he hopes is blank unconcern. “Who?”

Donghae snorts. “Dude. I want to know where you sneak off to every month.” He sprawls across the sofa, taking up half the space and nudging his elbow into Hyukjae’s side. “It’s a girl, right? Is she pretty?”

Hyukjae draws in a breath. What harm will it do? It’s not like girlfriends are forbidden, as long as they’re discreet, and she and Hyukjae have been very, very discreet. “She’s gorgeous,” he says. “She’s a knock-out. She’s...” There’s an aching, wistful quality in his voice, and hearing it startles him into silence.

Donghae must hear it, too, because he gives Hyukjae a surprised look. “She’s that hot? What’s she doing with you, huh?” He grins, cheeky and curious. “She must be special. And I guess she’s rich, yeah?”

“Rich?” Hyukjae stares at him.

“She followed you to Japan, what, two months ago? Three months ago? We were only there four days, but on that Thursday night you went sneaking out. You said you had a date.”

Donghae is still smiling, and he looks teasing rather than suspicious, but all the same, fear grasps at Hyukjae’s spine. So much for being discreet.

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Title: Two Divided by Zero
Fandom: Super Junior M RPS
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Sungmin
Rating: NC17
Summary: Every third Thursday in the month, Hyukjae has a special date.
Notes: Crossdressing!Sungmin. [ profile] lixia84 is an evil wench and fed me this bunny on Twitter. Part 1 of the Counting Backwards series.

Two Divided by Zero

Hyukjae doesn’t like going to clubs on his own. Not because he thinks it makes him look sad and desperate; not at all—it’s just that usually he goes in a group, and even if the group fragments once they’re inside and everyone goes off and does their own thing, they’re still part of a group. There’s safety in numbers, and besides, it’s more fun with a group.

But on the third Thursday of every month, he goes out on his own.

He goes to meet her.

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Title: Prayer
Fandom: Super Junior M RPS
Pairing: Siwon/Zhou Mi
Rating: PG
Summary: Zhou Mi discovers Siwon praying.
Notes: Written for the ‘worship’ square for kink_bingo. Two types of worship and another nod to headspace, all very tame. Takes place during the Taiwan long stay.


Zhou Mi walks into Siwon’s room to find him on his knees.

The sight makes Zhou Mi pause, gives him a little shock that kicks low down in his belly, and he backs up, grabs for the door handle and holds on, not sure whether he should stay or go.

Siwon turns his head and looks up, expression mild and thoughtful.

“Sorry,” Zhou Mi says softly in Korean. “I didn’t... I’ll come back.”

“Stay,” says Siwon, “but wait one moment, please.”
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Title: Open/Closed
Fandom: Super Junior M RPS
Pairing: Siwon/Zhou Mi
Rating: NC17
Summary: Five times Zhou Mi forgot to lock the bathroom door.
Notes: Inspired by a line in [ profile] lixia84’s fic Refract, so this is for her, for providing me with such pretty, pretty mental images XD Fulfils the ‘consent play’ square for kink_bingo.


The first time, it’s a genuine mistake.

Zhou Mi forgets to lock the bathroom door when he goes to take a shower. Usually he doesn’t allow things to slip his mind, but his head is full of lyrics that don’t quite scan and he’s too busy trying to fix them to even think about locking the door.

He showers, quick and efficient, and when he gets out he’s annoyed that he forgot to move the towel closer. So he’s dripping water onto the mat, and trying to work out if he can shuffle it across the floor to the towel because he hates the idea of stepping on tiles when he has wet feet, and then the bathroom door opens and Siwon comes in.

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Title: To Catch a Fox
Fandom: Super Junior M RPS
Pairing: Choi Siwon/Zhou Mi
Rating: NC17
Summary: Siwon thinks Zhou Mi looks like a fox.
Notes: Written for the ‘animal play’ square for kink_bingo. For the second year running, kitty!Fernando gets bumped in favour of Asian foxes. Shame shame shame. Unlikely fandom collision #364: SJM/Pu Songling.

To Catch a Fox

Zhou Mi is sitting in bed, trying to write lyrics that sound sincere rather than cheesy, when Siwon wanders in without knocking. He’s reading a book, or at least he’s frowning at it, and he brings it over to Zhou Mi, tapping the page. “This,” he says in Mandarin, “tell me what this word is. How to say.”

Zhou Mi adjusts his glasses, glances at the page—a book of fairy tales—and duly translates. Siwon repeats the word in Mandarin a few times and flops across the bottom of the bed. He lays the book flat between his elbows and continues reading.

Zhou Mi blinks. So much for his quiet time. Not that Siwon is making a noise or anything, no, he’s just sprawled out like a big cat, taking up half the bed, and he’s just reading, utterly absorbed in the book, his lower lip jutting out as he concentrates on the Chinese characters. Zhou Mi should be able to ignore him, but he can’t, because Siwon is a distraction even when he’s silent.

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