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Title: Incandescent
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: R
Summary: As Changmin was only too happy to tell the world on Moonlight Prince, he likes candle wax.
Content notes: Sensation play.


He’s trying to study, and the guy next door is playing loud music.

Changmin lets out a slow breath and scrubs a hand through his hair. He tightens his grip near the back of his head then releases it, relaxing his hand down onto the dining table. He needs to concentrate, needs to cram as much knowledge into his mind as he can before he goes to bed.

Candlelight flicks and weaves, sending shimmers of illumination across his books. It’s late. Darkness edges the room, bringing with it the slight chill of night. He should put on a sweater or something; he’s only wearing an old, pale green t-shirt and a pair of striped sleeping shorts. He should get up and turn on the lights so he can see properly, but he likes to study with a row of candle-flames beside him.

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Title: Dress You Up (In My Love)
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin; Changmin/Yunho
Rating: NC17
Summary: Yunho’s on a deadline and has lost all his design inspiration. Changmin has an idea that proves mutually beneficial.
Notes: AU. Very early birthday fic for [ profile] diagon ;) Fashion!HoMin, comes between Perfect Fit and Roman Holiday.
Content notes: Dogging. Cross-dressing. Boot worship.

Dress You Up (In My Love)

Changmin opens the door to his studio, juggling the extra-large wild cherry latte, the pumpkin and cinnamon muffin in its bag, the book of swatches he’d taken home to peruse last night, and his leather satchel. His keys snag on his scarf as he takes quick steps across the stripped wooden floorboards and puts everything down on the nearest table. Extricating the keys, he returns them to his pocket and unwinds the scarf from his neck as he glances at his workspace.

There’s a crumpled paper bag on his drawing table, abandoned right on top of the sketches he’d been working on yesterday. Changmin goes a little closer. Picking up a mechanical pencil, he pokes open the bag and looks inside.

Pear drops.
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Title: The Minor Fall and the Major Lift
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: NC17
Summary: Yunho wants to impress Changmin by playing Chopin. One problem—he can’t play Chopin.
Notes: PWP for [ profile] haeym!

The Minor Fall and the Major Lift

Changmin comes home to find a grand piano in the middle of their apartment.

He pauses just over the threshold and unlaces his shoes, taking his time about it. He removes them, lines them up neatly on the rack, then spends a moment rearranging Yunho’s shoes. They’re never paired correctly and instead lie in a jumble, which always leads to Yunho complaining that he can’t find anything

“Hey, baby,” Yunho calls out, glorious sunshine in his voice.

“Hi.” Studiously ignoring the fact that Yunho is sitting at the piano wearing a sexy, severe black suit and a big, happy smile, Changmin wanders into the room. He steps around the furniture, which has all been shoved out of place to accommodate the grand piano, and goes into the kitchen as if he’s seen nothing untoward. It’s only when he’s safely out of Yunho’s line of vision that he allows himself to go a little weak at the knees.

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Title: How Hard Can It Be
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: NC17
Summary: Auto-fellatio seemed like a good idea at the time, but Yunho is more than pleased with the way things turn out.
Notes: For [ profile] diagon, post hoc, and because Yunho’s dick deserves more bj fics than I’ve given it this year. Totally non-canonical, since I wrote this without being near the internet to check dates and so I mixed up the coconut incident (Saipan 2009) with when TVXQ were on Bora Bora (2005) crossed over with the MV for 'Sky' (2006).

How Hard Can It Be

“Okay,” says Yoochun, more than a hint of a whine in his voice, “now can we just go chill on the beach?”

The photographers and stylists have cleared off for the afternoon. Apparently it’s too hot and too bright to take photos at this time of day. They’ll be back for the sunset, but for now even the managers have decamped elsewhere, probably to the bar further along the beach, and the afternoon stretches out, long and leisurely.

“You go to the beach,” Yunho says. “I’m going to stay here.”

“Tired after a hard morning weaving coconut shells?” Junsu asks, smirking.

“It wasn’t coconut shells. It was the husks. The fibres.” Yunho peers over the side of the veranda in search of a discarded shell as reference, then he realises Junsu doesn’t actually give a fuck.

“Whatever. Complete waste of time if you ask me,” Jaejoong says.

“No one asked you.” Changmin is on the far side of the veranda reading a book, stretched out on a rattan lounge seat. He turns a page without looking up. His mouth is set in a stubborn, sultry line.

Jaejoong rolls his eyes but makes no reply.

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Title: East Wind Melts The Ice
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Changmin/Yunho
Rating: R
Summary: In a society built on hierarchy, Changmin knows his place—until the careful order of ownership is thrown into disarray by a mysterious stranger who breaks all the rules.
Notes: AU. For [ profile] thier_sess, a mash-up of things talked about on Twitter ♥ Set vaguely in the late 17th century. | For those unfamiliar with this period of Japanese history: Yoshiwara/the Five Streets was the licensed pleasure-quarter built outside Edo. Women were displayed in cages attached to the front of brothels. A kagema was a crossdressing male prostitute, often connected with Kabuki theatre and often, but not exclusively, an onnagata (female role actors). | The quote from The Tale of Genji is from Royall Tyler’s translation (Ch.26, Tokonatsu; p.470 of the unabridged edition, 2001). | The title is from the Chinese almanac, which was used historically in Japan.

East Wind Melts the Ice

The sun is brutal. Hanging low in the sky, its light is harsh and unforgiving. Changmin has nowhere to hide. The shadows of the wooden bars cut across the hems of his kimono and under-gowns, and stripe across the silk-wrapped koto at his feet. He keeps his chin up, lips pressed into a line, and fixes his gaze on the slate-grey rooftop of one of the finer establishments two streets away.

Beneath the padded layers of his garments, he’s cold. Winter has been harsh this year. Though the snows have gone, in the mornings the ground is still riven with frost. The beaten earth floor of the brothel’s cage is as hard as iron. Despite the wooden clogs he wears, he feels the creep of frost through his feet and worries for his koto.

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Title: Children of Dust
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: PG13
Summary: The djinn should not fall in love with the children of dust, for their union can only end in grief.
Notes: AU and AH. Ginnayê (sing. ginnaya, meaning ‘protector’) is the Aramaic term for the tutelary daimons/deities of Palmyra. They had a close relationship with their human charges and to a certain extent could be considered similar to ‘guardian angels’. There is some debate as to which word is more ancient, ginnaya or the Arabic djinni (deriving from the root ‘to conceal; to cover with darkness’); both words seem to refer to the same sort of beings. | Nasr (‘Vulture’) is an idol from the time of Noah, as mentioned in the Koran (71:23).

Children of Dust

Curiosity was always his downfall.

While others of his kind contented themselves to live within a single drop of water, Changmin splashed about in travertine pools, or lay beneath the surface at the bottom of a village well and listened to the gossip of the women, or later, when he grew more daring, crept through the narrow copper pipes into the bathhouses and watched men and women at sport.

“Humans are forbidden to us,” one of the Elders told him. “As we were born of smokeless fire, so they are children of dust. Yet though we have the greater power, still they think themselves superior. They know words that bind us; they have iron with which to chain us. They would make us slaves to do their bidding, for once caught and released, we must obey them until they set us free a second time—and no human can bear to part from the splendour of a djinni.”

The Elder fixed him with an unblinking stare. “Do not be caught. Toy with them if you must—and you will, for you are still young—but do not allow them to catch you. Regret has a long memory.”

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Title: Let Go
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: NC17
Summary: Changmin wants something. Yunho isn’t sure he can give it.
Notes: For [ profile] haeym's watersports prompt on the kink meme.

Let Go

“Yunho,” Changmin says one evening. “Yunho, I want you to pee on me.”

Perhaps he should have picked a better moment. This kind of announcement is probably not best delivered in the middle of food preparation. Certainly not judging by Yunho’s reaction, which is a strangled squawk as the vegetable knife slips off the half-dome of an onion and slices through flesh.

“Shit. I mean—uh. Oh.” Yunho snatches his hand away from the knife and stares at the welling bead of blood.

“Run it under the tap,” Changmin says patiently, accustomed to his boyfriend’s clumsiness. “Here.” He takes Yunho’s wrist, guides him over to the sink, turns on the tap, then shoves Yunho’s injured finger beneath the stream of cold water.

They stand there for a moment, Changmin’s hand still around Yunho’s wrist, and then Yunho pulls free. “It’s fine now. Thanks.” He darts a sidelong glance, a flush on his cheeks as he looks-but-doesn’t-look at Changmin.

Sometimes Yunho can be so shy. Changmin likes that about him; likes that the fearless leader—ha!—can be so uncertain. He’s not prudish, not exactly. His mind fits certain paths and he excels in what he does along those paths, but sometimes Changmin thinks Yunho should... experiment a little more.

Especially if he, Changmin, gets to be the beneficiary.

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Title: Headlong
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: R
Summary: Fast bikes. Fast boys. Someone’s going to get his heart broken.
Notes: AU. For [ profile] diagon’s Twelve Months of HoMin challenge, based on the Vogue Korea photo shoot. No idea what Changmin’s bike was; possibly also a Ducati, but I’ve given him a Honda Firestorm here. Warning for implied dub con.



Six months. It’s taken six months of living the kind of life he’s never wanted to live, but now, finally, the moment has arrived. Tonight will change everything. Tomorrow he’ll be able to undo all the things he’s done. He’ll be able to wipe clean the recent past and return to the normalcy he’s been craving all this time.

The Firestorm sings beneath him, the throaty purr of its engine a reminder of what he’ll be giving up. He won’t miss it, except perhaps in some primal sense. Changmin is very good at imposing order over primal urges, even when they’re tinted with adrenalin and run red with risk.

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Title: For Fashion’s Sake
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: R
Summary: Designer Shim is back on TV for All Stars Stitched Up. Changmin sees the competition as the chance for a bit of peace and quiet away from Yunho, but nothing ever works out as planned.
Notes: AU. For the prompt ‘reunion’ in [ profile] diagon’s Twelve Months of HoMin challenge. Six related ficlets, and a sequel of sorts to Perfect Fit. Ridiculous fluffy crack to cheer myself up whilst recovering from glandular fever.

For Fashion’s Sake

i. The Invitation

The invitation arrives the old-fashioned way, by letter in an envelope emblazoned with the Stitched Up logo.

As is their habit, Yunho brings the post to Changmin in bed before he potters off, the dogs trailing after him, to prepare Changmin’s morning coffee.

Ever since he started working for Versace, Changmin has been very particular about his coffee. Even though he’d mostly worked from the home he and Yunho share in Seoul, he’d often had to travel to Milan to consult with colleagues, to source materials, to attend fashion weeks and generally to mingle and show his face as and when the house required.

His extended time in Italy had developed his taste for proper Italian coffee, served at the correct hour of the day—no cappuccino after breakfast time, please—and he’d spent an obscene amount of money on a proper Italian coffee machine and an even more ridiculous sum shipping it back to Korea and having it installed. After a few weeks of training and a couple of accidents and new plaster on the ceiling, Yunho got the hang of making coffee the exact way Changmin likes it.

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Title: Perfect Fit
Fandom: TVXQ RPS
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 32,400 words
Summary: Changmin studied fashion at St Martin’s and interned at Chanel. Yunho is a Gwangju market trader who makes illegal knock-offs. They’re two of the contestants on top reality TV show Stitched Up. Tempers fray, things come apart at the seams, but somehow they Make It Work.
Notes: For [ profile] haeym, who wanted a Project Runway-style AU. Hullun sanat.

Perfect Fit

Changmin steps out of the taxi and pauses for a moment on the pavement. He tosses back his hair and flicks at his scarf, then takes a firm grip on his suitcase and struts down the street. He hopes he looks sexy and confident. He hopes the cameraman tracking his every move has got his best side. He needs to look sure of himself without appearing arrogant. He needs to look like a winner.

The cameraman follows him for another few yards and then gives the thumbs up. “That’s great! Now get yourself inside. There’s a camera in the apartment for reaction shots when you meet your fellow contestants.”

“Thank you.” Changmin is glad the camera is turned off now, because he’s certain his smile is nervous rather than polite. He can’t show nervousness. Anxiety over whether or not he’ll be able to finish a design challenge in time for the runway show, yes; concern over the fate of other contestants who are having a meltdown, also permissible; but showing actual nervousness? No. Winners have nerves of steel and balls of iron, or maybe it’s the other way around.

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Title: Running Man
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: R
Summary: Changmin likes running. Particularly when he’s being chased.
Notes: For the kink_bingo square ‘consent play’.

Running Man

Changmin runs.

He hadn’t even been aware of this... this thing, whatever it is—kink, need, massive fucking turn-on—until earlier this evening when they were filming the Running Man episode as part of their comeback. Dressed in high-collared satin opera cloaks and sporting Phantom of the Opera masks, they’d wandered around the theatre in search of the little gold balls that would eliminate their hosts from the game. Yunho loved it, because he’s secretly five years old, but Changmin found it stupid and embarrassing.

Or at least he had, right up until the moment when he’d almost been caught, when he hid in the box office and panted and shivered at how close he’d come to being unmasked, and adrenalin had surged through him, giving him the kind of endorphin high he used to get from being on stage.

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Title: Passive Aggressive
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Changmin/Yunho
Rating: PG
Summary: Changmin just keeps on pushing.
Notes: For the kink_bingo square ‘rough body play’.

Passive Aggressive

Changmin shoves Yunho, puts more force into it than necessary. The choreography calls for it, but there are ways to fake the strength of the push, ways that Changmin ignores. He slams the flat of his hand hard against Yunho’s chest and forces him to give ground.

Sometimes he can make Yunho stumble, and he knows it’s real and not faked for the performance. Those are the times Changmin feels most alive, when he hits Yunho right over the breastbone and feels heat and the slick of sweat, feels Yunho fall back.

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Title: Driving With The Brakes On
Fandom: TVXQ
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: NC17 overall; this chapter NC17
Summary: The mechanic and the academic. Long-distance relationship. Sceptical friends. This really shouldn’t work, but Yunho is determined that it will. Now he just has to convince Changmin that they can have forever.

Driving With The Brakes On

Chapter 16

It snows again in the early morning. Yunho wakes on his own couch to a world shrunk tight on itself, the air as brittle as his mood. For the first time in his life he’s glad of a hangover. The pain is a hideous, swinging sway of stabbing knives and spinning nausea. He can’t bear the light, not even a little, and so he finds a pair of sunglasses and puts them on.

The thought of food makes him feel sick. He manages half a cup of strong black coffee before it comes back up, and he hangs over the kitchen sink with the cold tap open all the way as he retches. The purging makes him feel slightly better, and he cleans up and then sits on the floor staring into space for a while as his stomach lurches and flips and eventually settles, and the hangover flatlines into something more manageable.

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