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Oct. 8th, 2010 05:06 pm
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[ profile] diagon and I are off to RHB tomorrow, and barring urgent summons to Heathrow to pick up bro, we will be ensconced in RHB until next Saturday with books and knitting and the wherewithal for me to make cinnamon buns.

I finished my Onmyoji fic for the [ profile] spook_me ficathon, but I can't post it until later in the month. But finishing it does mean I can get back to the Onmyoji AU set in the Meiji era, which looks like it wants to be at least novella length. That's good, because I haven't written anything longer than 35k this year and it'd be nice to round off 2010 with writing something that's actually fun and enjoyable rather than a contractual obligation. It's taken me a long time to claw back my equilibrium this year.

Ridiculously excited about Whitechapel 2 on Monday.

Anyway, since I won't be here on the day to say it, happy early birthday wishes to [ profile] slippery_fish for next Friday! Have a great day!! :D
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Back from a nice relaxing break in Shropshire. The hotel had a sauna that wasn't very hot but the hot tub was a nice temperature and the breakfasts were very good. [ profile] diagon bought lots of wool for a bargain price, we visited some of our favourite Old Things, and I slept a lot.

BEHOLD MY NEW OTP!!!!11!!!1!1 )
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...I finally got my passport back from the Chinese embassy after the Saturday postman sent it to the depot, who pissed about with the re-delivery. Anyway it's here now - and I have a Chinese visa in it, so...


Admittedly I am accompanying my mother on a 20-hour journey (not looking forward to this bit) via Zurich for reasons of saving cash, and I will be sleeping in the hall of Richard's apartment for the duration of my visit, but I am going to China!

HANGZHOU. OMG I will see Hangzhou again. So excited.
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Back from holiday. Proper post to follow when I am not so damn tired.

Winner of Weirdest Dream of 2009 - I dreamt I had incredibly hot sex with Fernando Alonso. Really, really good sex. And then I ate him with pasta and chorizo in red wine.

During the dream I was thinking 'Why am I eating this with pasta?' Yes, it was the pasta that was wrong, not the cannibalism. Btw he tasted really good.
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ich fahr in Urlaub!!!
(though it probably won't be as sunny as this)
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I felt very much like The Good Housewife this morning as I got up just before 7am and made curry for tonight.

As I've been busy these last few days, here's a somewhat belated bunch of pics from last week's hols. LOL of the trip was going to the local pub one evening for a meal. At about 7pm there was a bit of a racket outside that sounded like those really huge three-wheeler motorbike things backfiring. When we came out of the pub later, there was a helicopter on the lawn beside the car park. Yes, a HELICOPTER. A small one, but nevertheless, a helicopter.

Apparently Helicopter Dude lives in Oswestry, which is about 35 miles from Much Wenlock. Granted, the roads are narrow and slow, but still, normal people would take the car.

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I sent in an RFC this week and have another two possibles to make a decision on next week. The tech person found that a whole bunch of subs had got caught in some filter or other, so I now have 10 subs to sort through. Fortunately I can junk at least half of those as unsuitable (someone sent in poetry. We don't publish poetry. Amazing how many people don't pay attention to the guidelines).

F1 Fic o'Doom

Observe the new estimated wordcount. I've finished 3 chapters out of 28. Yargh. Michael's feeble attempt at a comeback has only changed sub-plot A. I am beginning to find Martin Whitmarsh (sub-plot B) strangely likeable.

Meme time! Nicked from everyone else.
Ask me my fannish Top Five [whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post.
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ich fahr in urlaub!
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Idle chatter about the holiday beneath the cut. Lots of images.

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