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Back from RHB. At the start of the week it was so cold we had to excavate the electric heater from the pile of crap under the stairs. By Tuesday the weather was looking distinctly as if it was heading towards 'warm', and then on Wednesday came the blazing sunshine and temperatures took a 20-degree hike upwards. Finally, 28 deg C weather!

I did nothing all week except lounge around. I read 12.5 books and knitted half a Wingspan scarf whilst watching Deal or No Deal and Pointless every day, plus discovered that knitting whilst watching The Apprentice improves the show as I don't have to look at the candidates. RHB is in the last region of the UK to still have analogue, so we couldn't see the ESC semi-finals. I see my favourite (Norway) made it through, anyway, so I'll see how he does tonight and if he's worthy of my vote when it counts.

Alas, no dinosaur footprints. They were covered in sand, plus there was a rank infestation of seaweed that gradually slimed down the beach with each tide. Fossils were thin on the ground but I found a decent collection of crinoids, two ammonites, and some coral. [ profile] diagon found a fossilised bivalve and a whole chunk of bivalves and crinoids but it was in a large rock and we couldn't be bothered to cart it for two miles.

Went to Whitby on Tuesday and had lunch at Java, where I had the third best Croque Monsieur I've ever tasted.

Now to go through emails and read three fics before the heavy drinking starts. We have a large chocolate cake and assorted Euro-booze (kosko, schnapps, Disaronno, God knows what else) to see us through Eurovision. I sincerely hope we don't win. Will be drunk tweeting as usual, see you guys at the kick-off :D

ETA: Bro was Very Patriotic last weekend and took XiXi and James to see the Olympic Torch pass through St Austell. He reports that he saw it and it's very underwhelming, and XiXi's friends in China were more excited about it than they were LMAO It doesn't come near here for another 20 days or so; doubt I can be arsed to travel the five miles across the river to see it.
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Off to Andalusia. Decent fucking coffee, it will be mine, all mine.

For added hilarity we are taking the TVXQ El Sol photobook and will imitate the honeymooning HoMin by slouching near Morisco architecture, pointing randomly at market stall produce, rolling in the gritty Costa sand, and standing po-faced by the Almodovar Gate.

But first... Granada!

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Off to Spain for my birthday *does the Ketchup dance*


Sep. 23rd, 2010 10:05 am
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I am back from China and the insane 37 degree heat and crippling humidity!

Lots to tell, but have to get some work done first, then wade through LJ over the weekend, so more later when the jetlag has worn off.

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