glitterburn: (SJM: Siwon b&w)

I gots to get me one of these 'eject hot guy into the air and into bed a location of your choosing' toys for Christmas. I hope there's a deluxe version that shreds the hot guy's clothes in mid-air. Also wondering if Siwon comes as standard or if I can swap him for Yunho. Though I am not complaining if I get the Siwon version of this toy, honest. has not watched this moment many times just to ogle his thighs, oh no, not at all

I have period pain, okay, I'm allowed to be silly.
glitterburn: (JPM: WangZi & XiaoJie selca)
A new MV every two weeks? Guys, I believe that's called 'spam'.

Or do you just really, really have to release everything all at once before you turn into mice at the strike of midnight?

Well, 因為有你 is a ballad, which automatically places it into the 'skip' category when I listen to the album, and the MV is notable chiefly for the fact that Wang Zi is wearing more lip gloss than the girl.

But then, this makes sense. His mouth is prettier.

ETA: Bonus LOL )

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