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Back early from Cornwall due to illness. Had forgotten that small child = purveyor of epic sickness.

Bro is the least scathed of all of us. Quoth he: "First Chichester, now this - you're not having much luck with the south this year. Maybe we should institute a south coast exclusion zone."

Anything south of Oxford, I can live without*. Especially the sodding M5 and the UK's most fuck-awful boring road, the A30.

*all interesting southern counties can move north and replace tedious places like Lincolnshire.

Off again

Oct. 8th, 2010 05:06 pm
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[ profile] diagon and I are off to RHB tomorrow, and barring urgent summons to Heathrow to pick up bro, we will be ensconced in RHB until next Saturday with books and knitting and the wherewithal for me to make cinnamon buns.

I finished my Onmyoji fic for the [ profile] spook_me ficathon, but I can't post it until later in the month. But finishing it does mean I can get back to the Onmyoji AU set in the Meiji era, which looks like it wants to be at least novella length. That's good, because I haven't written anything longer than 35k this year and it'd be nice to round off 2010 with writing something that's actually fun and enjoyable rather than a contractual obligation. It's taken me a long time to claw back my equilibrium this year.

Ridiculously excited about Whitechapel 2 on Monday.

Anyway, since I won't be here on the day to say it, happy early birthday wishes to [ profile] slippery_fish for next Friday! Have a great day!! :D


Jul. 26th, 2010 08:45 am
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Very moving piece about Ayrton on Top Gear last night. Really looking forward to the documentary film.

Anyway - the BBC's Sherlock. Whimsical and charming, but why did they rip off the music used in the RDJ film? Spoilers for A Study in Pink )

[ profile] satanael is arriving tomorrow for a week of japes, so I won't be around much online.
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Just watched the first Iron Man film and discovered it was 24 minutes into watching it the first time on the plane when I switched it off and went for Kung Fu Panda. See now, if I'd left it a few minutes longer I'd have seen RDJ in a vest and probably would have watched for half an hour at least XD

I still think the expositional bit at the start is irrelevant and slows the forward momentum of the story, which (looking back on it) is why I ultimately switched off in 2008. Howeverrrr, I watched the rest of the film this time and actually, I think Iron Man 2 is better. Certainly in terms of Tony Stark's character. RDJ is a little too muted in the first one. Also, not enough Jarvis! Damn. I did squee at the mention of the Manhattan Project because my brain went off on a tangent of Manhattan Project-> Dr Manhattan -> Watchmen, and immediately had thoughts of Adrian Veidt/Tony Stark. Because this would be HAWT. Someone must have written this. Has anyone written this? Tell me they've written it!

Also: RDJ has really pretty eyes. Just thought I'd mention it.

Plus! I had most of my hair cut off today. It looks cool. Best haircut I've had in ages.

Shower then pub. Need to show off haircut.
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Back from a nice relaxing break in Shropshire. The hotel had a sauna that wasn't very hot but the hot tub was a nice temperature and the breakfasts were very good. [ profile] diagon bought lots of wool for a bargain price, we visited some of our favourite Old Things, and I slept a lot.

BEHOLD MY NEW OTP!!!!11!!!1!1 )
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Did my civic duty today and voted. Despite Howden being 32nd or something on the seats that might be swung, there was precious little effort expended in trying to entice folk to change their vote.

So our choices were:
1. Weird Freak for the BNP
2. David Davis, who has been the Tory MP for the constituency since 1903
3. Illiterate Child Who Should Be Finishing His Degree (seriously, his manifesto was full of grammatical errors)
4. Hippy Woman who due to bad grammar on her manifesto proposed burning people instead of fossil fuels
5. Someone-or-Other from a party no one's heard of
6. The Invisible Man from the Lib Dems who didn't canvas, didn't even send out a pamphlet, and who lives in Cambridgeshire. Mmm, because that's local.

If we have a new MP tomorrow I'll be very surprised. I imagine we'll have a new government, though unlike in 1997 I can't be arsed to stay up all night to find out. Tomorrow morning is soon enough.


May. 1st, 2010 02:32 pm
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Not much happening. Had a really up and down week, mostly down, but starting to go back up again.

1. The House of Ham has a new arrival. He is a grey and white Syrian and is called Ash. Atm he's very shy and retiring, but when he's a bit braver I'll post some pics of him as he is very sweet.

2. At the cinema we saw The Joneses, which was a good concept but slightly lacking in delivery. The ending was too Hollywood-cheesy and the film would have been stronger if it ended with the fake family breaking up and leaving. I found it odd that David Duchovny's character was the one with morals. It didn't quite fit--I kept having those moments where I pulled out of the film to think 'David Duchovny, huh?' The concept was interesting though and would make a good TV series. 3/5.

3. We also saw Agora, which has an incredibly powerful ending of the kind that left us staring at the screen for a couple of minutes after it finished. It's very underplayed and the cinematography is beautiful, with some exquisite moments in the direction. I liked the second half of the film better but the whole thing was very well done and is a very thoughtful piece of work. 4/5.

4. Iron Chef UK started this week and is bizarrely watchable. In the absence of top chef totty Marcus Wareing, I'll accept the substitute of Tom Aikens. The Chairman is also very cute. I would love to know if he is Japanese-Japanese or if he's from Essex. The weird presenter Olly someone-or-other acts like he's on speed: "His biceps are like pint glasses filled with concrete!" Say what? Very amusing.

5. I am actually watching Doctor Who. I actually like Eleven. In fact, I find him quite hot in a really weirdly charismatic way. Who'd'a thought it?

6. Bank Holiday weekend, so after a very hot few hours between 9-11am, it absolutely chucked it down. It's supposed to be rubbish for the rest of the weekend, too. Ho-hum.

ETA: The end of Doctor Who (ep5) made me go GUH in a big way. I even watched Doctor Who Confidential to watch the kiss a second time. And Eleven looks hot in non-Doctor clothing. Thank God he's 27. I don't feel quite as dirty now.
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Not going to China.

Since only the outward flight was affected by the ash, we could go out on Tuesday and come back a week later. To maintain our original two-week holiday, we would have to pay £1200 for another flight back. So I've cancelled the trip. No point in starting again as it's £1000 or more to fly for the rest of this month, and about £850 in the first week of May. I'm out of money and out of time, so not going.

Mum will still go.


Climbed Mt Snowdon yesterday. Scattered Dad's ashes. He wanted to be 'all over' Snowdon so he's up at Clogwyn, in the Llanberis Pass, and at various points on the mountain up from the Snowdon Ranger. We also went to Aberdesach, Dinas Dinlle, Caernarfon, and Llancybi.

Emotionally and physically exhausted now. I really need a holiday. Is it July yet?
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We're going to have to reschedule our flights.

One of the Tarmac guys due to go out next week from head office is on a ferry to France, will take a train into Spain, and will fly via Dubai into Beijing. What a rigmarole! Mum and I have some degree of flexibility within the confines of the visa, so we might not be leaving until next weekend or even the weekend after that.

I don't deal very well with 'waiting'. After everything that's happened/is still ongoing this year, I really needed this holiday. But at least we're not amongst the millions of poor sods stranded at airports or stuck in foreign climes unable to get home. And thank God I persuaded Mum to fly from Bham and not London.
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The funeral still feels ages away. When she hadn't heard when he was arriving back in the UK, Mum sent bro a really sarcastic 'So are you coming to your father's funeral?' email yesterday, which got a very chilly response. Nice. So they're arriving on Saturday and will return on Feb 4. My aunt, uncle and dog will arrive the week after bro gets here, so Mum's house will be full of six adults, a toddler, and an insane springer spaniel. Skye will likely get overexcited during the wake but I suppose she'll be a good distraction.

Thank God NCIS season 6 has finally started (yes, [ profile] dianebelieves, we are that far behind here!). It's the only thing I want to watch atm. I should really start watching PotW that Anna sent me, plus I have a ton of books to read, but unless it's related to work I have no real reason to force myself to be interested in anything.

The only thing I want to write is the fic for [ profile] holmes_big_bang, though knowing me as soon as I start it I'll lose interest. I can't get stuck in though because I have a fic to finish that I really dislike now, plus I have a short story to do, plus the blasted novella that was contracted on proposal. If anyone finds some motivation lying around, please be sending it to me, thank you.

We are going on holiday a couple of days after the funeral. I am so looking forwards to it. I can't wait to get away from all this shit.

ETA: [ profile] aoi_shu, it arrived! I need to get frames for the chirashi. Thank you so much <3 The make-up around his eyes in the Macbeth chirashi is almost Egyptian! They're wonderful, thank you again for all of it.


Sep. 30th, 2009 08:25 am
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So [ profile] diagon and I were discussing the possibility of going to Greece next year. The last time I went to the mainland was in 1998 for drunken funtiems serious academic research. Last time I went to Crete was 2000, and though I'd dearly love to go and see the Scary Batshit Cave of Human Sacrifice again, I really crave the mainland. I want to go to Nauplio and Corinth and Delphi and Epidauros. I want to wander around the Agora and the Kerameikos and hear the frogs shouting brekekex koax koax. I want to see the Goulandris and the Benaki and the NM and the new Akropolis Museum. I want to scoff wonderful Greek food and drink Naxian black wine and thick, syrupy coffee chased down with ouzo. Most of all, I want to see that incredible light that you only get in a certain part of the Mediterranean.

Last night I decided to see how much Greek I remembered from my long-ago studies. Answer: Not very much. At least I still know how to swear and ask the way to the chemist/cinema/airport, along with 'Excuse me, you dropped your newspaper'.

Well, you never know.
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The stress of the weekend took its toll in an unexpected and very strange way this morning.

Read more... )


Jul. 5th, 2009 03:02 pm
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My mum went out for a walk in Derbyshire with my aunt and uncle last week, and while looking at the well-dressing, they spotted a baby hedgehog.

Cute spiky animal )
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[ profile] lixia84 - You were so, so right about Painting Mona Lisa by Jeanne Kalogridis. OMG I think that's the biggest Mary-Sue I've ever read in professional mainstream fiction o_O

I admit I was totally thrown by the cover blurb that says Lisa falls in love with Giuliano's son. Because of that, I kept thinking Giuliano the Younger was really Giulio, and not Lorenzo's son but his adopted son. So when the whole thing about her being Giuliano's daughter came out, I was thinking 'eww, you've had a child with your half-brother, ewww'.

That's the second time this year that a cover blurb has been a total misdirection of the book it describes!

So what happened to Giulio? He didn't get a single mention :/ I liked Lorenzo, though, for the short time he appeared in the book. Thank God I only borrowed it from the library, I'd be upset if I'd bought this one LOL

Went to York yesterday afternoon and actually did some sensible shopping rather than schlepping around not buying anything. Watched RC1 last night with [ profile] diagon, who commented early on that ZL is surely in love with anything male and heroic (Zhao Yun, but then he is The Man; Zhang Fei; Guan Yu). I'm sure he'd fancy Cao Cao if only they'd met *still wants this fic*

I spent half the film waiting for a specific scene, only to realise it was in fact in RC2. Doh. Will watch RC2 tonight.
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Yesterday evening (after a nice day out at Kirkham) I put the rubbish bag into the wheelie bin and, as today is bin day, was about to move the wheelie bin onto the pavement when something rustled from the random greenery behind the bin. I moved the bin and something small and greyish-brown leapt out.

I yelped "Uahhhh!" (embarrassing, as our neighbours were having a barbeque)

I thought it was a massive rat, but when it broke from cover and legged it across the lawn I saw its white tail and realised it was a young rabbit.

We have open countryside not too far away, but I never expected to see a rabbit in the garden - especially as one of our neighbours has a pit bull and on the other side Steve is always test-firing guns!

Very relieved it wasn't a rat.
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Yesterday I went to the opticians and was told that the opticians in NZ had given me the wrong prescription. Considering I went back to the NZ optician and they'd re-tested my eyes (prescription 2 being wildly different to prescription 1), I find it staggering that they managed to get it wrong again. And also it's disturbing and rage-inducing, though it's made my left eye stronger to compensate for my failing right eye and the wrong bloody lenses.

My right eye is now sufficiently bad that I get free eye tests and a very small amount of money off the cost of the lenses. I'd rather pay for the test than have such crappy vision :/

After another week of painting accession numbers, I have RSI again.

Last night we went to see Angels & Demons for the laugh value. Cut for possible spoilers, not that it would make any difference )


May. 16th, 2009 09:13 am
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Two sparrows are attempting to shag outside my window. The female is wriggling her tail and fluttering her wings while the male is flying about and attempting to mount her. The female is sitting on a thin branch of a weeping birch and it's quite windy. The male doesn't have a hope in hell but like men everywhere, he's not giving up on his chance of some action.

We have a perfectly good roof. But no, the female wants it in the tree.
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It's the first day of summer, or at least according to us Celtic types. In an hour we're off to Cambridge to collect the visitors from foreign climes for a week of japes and jollity and 900 1200 miles of driving.

For some reason I am really craving to watch Alarm für Cobra 11. No, I don't know why either.

[ profile] dianebelieves - GOOD LUCK!!! You can do it! I'm so excited it's almost finished!!
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I always find it amusing that our patron saint isn't English at all and we have to share him with a dozen other countries and cities.

Filling out my application for York. Discovered that one of my referees retired last year. Also, I need to send in two examples of my written work and despite the fact that I wrote a novelette set during The Anarchy (12th century), I don't think that will cut it. So I dragged out a paper I published a few years ago, but after being transferred across six different computer systems, the Greek in the file has been corrupted (and not in a good way). I've managed to recover some of it but other sections are a right mess. So I went back to the original and am trying to scratch my way through the Book XX of the Odyssey. Urgh, why does my ancient Greek suck so much? Oh, that's right - because I haven't had call to use it for the past decade. I feel old.

LOL of the week: Playing Duran Duran's Girls On Film single on a HMV Grand gramophone from 1918.

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