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I felt very much like The Good Housewife this morning as I got up just before 7am and made curry for tonight.

As I've been busy these last few days, here's a somewhat belated bunch of pics from last week's hols. LOL of the trip was going to the local pub one evening for a meal. At about 7pm there was a bit of a racket outside that sounded like those really huge three-wheeler motorbike things backfiring. When we came out of the pub later, there was a helicopter on the lawn beside the car park. Yes, a HELICOPTER. A small one, but nevertheless, a helicopter.

Apparently Helicopter Dude lives in Oswestry, which is about 35 miles from Much Wenlock. Granted, the roads are narrow and slow, but still, normal people would take the car.

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I sent in an RFC this week and have another two possibles to make a decision on next week. The tech person found that a whole bunch of subs had got caught in some filter or other, so I now have 10 subs to sort through. Fortunately I can junk at least half of those as unsuitable (someone sent in poetry. We don't publish poetry. Amazing how many people don't pay attention to the guidelines).

F1 Fic o'Doom

Observe the new estimated wordcount. I've finished 3 chapters out of 28. Yargh. Michael's feeble attempt at a comeback has only changed sub-plot A. I am beginning to find Martin Whitmarsh (sub-plot B) strangely likeable.

Meme time! Nicked from everyone else.
Ask me my fannish Top Five [whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post.
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It's the first day of summer, or at least according to us Celtic types. In an hour we're off to Cambridge to collect the visitors from foreign climes for a week of japes and jollity and 900 1200 miles of driving.

For some reason I am really craving to watch Alarm für Cobra 11. No, I don't know why either.

[ profile] dianebelieves - GOOD LUCK!!! You can do it! I'm so excited it's almost finished!!
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Anna ([ profile] easonfan), Clara and Winnie have arrived and are on their way to Earl's Court, and thence will battle jetlag and London fog and general English craziness to go to the British Museum etc.

We'll drive down to Cambridge on Friday to meet them and then we'll do the usual tour north via Durham, Hadrian's Wall and end in Edinburgh with maybe a trip up to St Andrew's.

I've got four books to review first and a short RC fic to finish. Breakfast, then will get stuck in.

And I had a somewhat wacky dream about Mansai in which he managed to perform ebizori in a suit on a chat show before becoming a Bunraku puppeteer o_O He said he was doing shows in London, Manchester and York in July. I was so gutted when I woke up and realised it wasn't for real.

We have three goldfinches in the garden!

The Marches

Dec. 4th, 2008 12:48 pm
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Our mini-holiday to the Marches (Shropshire/Herefordshire), beneath the cut...

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