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[ profile] lixia84 - You were so, so right about Painting Mona Lisa by Jeanne Kalogridis. OMG I think that's the biggest Mary-Sue I've ever read in professional mainstream fiction o_O

I admit I was totally thrown by the cover blurb that says Lisa falls in love with Giuliano's son. Because of that, I kept thinking Giuliano the Younger was really Giulio, and not Lorenzo's son but his adopted son. So when the whole thing about her being Giuliano's daughter came out, I was thinking 'eww, you've had a child with your half-brother, ewww'.

That's the second time this year that a cover blurb has been a total misdirection of the book it describes!

So what happened to Giulio? He didn't get a single mention :/ I liked Lorenzo, though, for the short time he appeared in the book. Thank God I only borrowed it from the library, I'd be upset if I'd bought this one LOL

Went to York yesterday afternoon and actually did some sensible shopping rather than schlepping around not buying anything. Watched RC1 last night with [ profile] diagon, who commented early on that ZL is surely in love with anything male and heroic (Zhao Yun, but then he is The Man; Zhang Fei; Guan Yu). I'm sure he'd fancy Cao Cao if only they'd met *still wants this fic*

I spent half the film waiting for a specific scene, only to realise it was in fact in RC2. Doh. Will watch RC2 tonight.


Jun. 19th, 2009 05:33 pm
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I was just scrolling through LJ and the Yuletide stories of the day popped up and I was amused by the fact that I'd managed to post my last two fics back to back, when all of a sudden I saw that some kind, wonderful person ([ profile] misura) had written me not one but TWO Yanagisawa/Hoshina stories for NYR. I was literally about to finish my coffee and make dinner, but after squealing and flailing I read both stories and am now all floaty.

I'm gobsmacked. And very, very happy and grateful.

The fics are Touch: A Love Story, which is a set of drabbley-things charting Yanagisawa's relationship with Hoshina - and some of these little snippets are heart-breaking but they're all so perfect in what they say - and there's also The Cat Case, in which Hoshina tries to prove his investigative skills in order to impress Yanagisawa. Clever, cruel, and bang-on with its characterisation, I absolutely loved this.

I am very happy.
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Anna ([ profile] easonfan), Clara and Winnie have arrived and are on their way to Earl's Court, and thence will battle jetlag and London fog and general English craziness to go to the British Museum etc.

We'll drive down to Cambridge on Friday to meet them and then we'll do the usual tour north via Durham, Hadrian's Wall and end in Edinburgh with maybe a trip up to St Andrew's.

I've got four books to review first and a short RC fic to finish. Breakfast, then will get stuck in.

And I had a somewhat wacky dream about Mansai in which he managed to perform ebizori in a suit on a chat show before becoming a Bunraku puppeteer o_O He said he was doing shows in London, Manchester and York in July. I was so gutted when I woke up and realised it wasn't for real.

We have three goldfinches in the garden!
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Reading something last night set in Babylon, 323 BC.

- one of the (male, Persian) characters wears a sari. It's described as having a waistband. It's made of silk.
- the Macedonians wear togas.
- the Persian character sings in Latin.

Excuse me while I go out and shoot the author.

(and yes, this was published - it's not one of the slushpile...)


Apr. 7th, 2009 06:59 pm
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I seem to have inherited [ profile] diagon’s nasty cold. My throat is all scratchy and my head feels a bit woollen. I’m trying to stave it off but if I have to take to my bed, I have plenty to keep me company – Red Cliff 2, Forever Enthralled, and The Good, The Bad & The Weird. Plus I have a Western romance to read for work and two of [ profile] dianebelieves's chapters to look at (yay!).

I’ve been asked if I’d like to be an editor, but I need to know more about it before I make a decision. It’s the second time I’ve been asked so I should think seriously about it, especially if my own writing is shot to hell. I dunno.

I was just reading something else and along came this phrase:
His dark hair pulled into a ponytail, he looked as soft as a ninja.
Right. Because I always think of ninja as being really fragile flowers o_O

I was chatting to [ profile] leme last night and staring at YouTube at the same time as watching the Finnish version of Strictly Come Dancing. Moment of squee when I found Mansai’s coffee advert (yeah which has been there for like 8 months, I pay so much attention *facepalm*) and I did a double-take when I realised Yuuki was also in the ad for half a second. He’s really tall now [/random].

Chugging along with the Onmyouji fic. It’s like getting blood from a stone. Why is it that whenever I have a creative shutdown, I’m writing Seimei? Freaky coincidence or something more sinister? There’s two sections left to go, it may stagger to 10k *shoots it to put it out of its misery* Man, I should just go back to that cheap ho RC2 with its bonus extras.

Ugh, I feel rotten :(

Curry fail

Mar. 12th, 2009 09:15 pm
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I've spent the past hour making chicken curry for tomorrow. When I tasted the sauce, I thought, 'Wow, this really lacks something, that garam masala we got in New Zealand must be rubbish' and so I added some more along with more cinnamon, stirred it around and let it cook another five minutes.

Tasted it again. Still not right. As I reached into the spice cupboard to take out the garam masala again, I realised my mistake. The shiny tin containing what I thought was garam masala in fact contained ras el hanout.

Er, yes.

I found the real garam masala and stirred it in, chucked in some more ground almonds and the rest of the yoghurt to balance the flavours and now it tastes right.

Cawood and Riccall )

I'm still ridiculously excited by [ profile] aitakute's TK/CC fic. I've been thinking about it all day. EEEE!

ETA: People from my hometown are idiots.
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The new owner of the bar next door came round last night to introduce herself. "I'm not being snobby," she said, "but I want to turn it around. It's got such a bad reputation as the drugs place and I don't want that."

She seems very determined and likeable. They're having a kitchen put in and it'll be a tapas bar. The village does need more eateries so I really hope it succeeds. Plus we like tapas. It can only be a good thing.

Talking of food, I tried a low-fat recipe for chicken korma last night. Usually I follow Nigella's full fat, full cream extravaganza and it's fabulous. The low fat version was really good - though I deviated and added a can of coconut milk and 100g of ground almonds, so I'm not sure how 'low fat' it ended up. But it tasted good and different, enough that I'll make it again. Had a Tesco naan bread with it, which was lovely at the time but overnight it kicked off the wheat allergy with a vengeance. So now I haz pain. Ouch.

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