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[ profile] lixia84 - You were so, so right about Painting Mona Lisa by Jeanne Kalogridis. OMG I think that's the biggest Mary-Sue I've ever read in professional mainstream fiction o_O

I admit I was totally thrown by the cover blurb that says Lisa falls in love with Giuliano's son. Because of that, I kept thinking Giuliano the Younger was really Giulio, and not Lorenzo's son but his adopted son. So when the whole thing about her being Giuliano's daughter came out, I was thinking 'eww, you've had a child with your half-brother, ewww'.

That's the second time this year that a cover blurb has been a total misdirection of the book it describes!

So what happened to Giulio? He didn't get a single mention :/ I liked Lorenzo, though, for the short time he appeared in the book. Thank God I only borrowed it from the library, I'd be upset if I'd bought this one LOL

Went to York yesterday afternoon and actually did some sensible shopping rather than schlepping around not buying anything. Watched RC1 last night with [ profile] diagon, who commented early on that ZL is surely in love with anything male and heroic (Zhao Yun, but then he is The Man; Zhang Fei; Guan Yu). I'm sure he'd fancy Cao Cao if only they'd met *still wants this fic*

I spent half the film waiting for a specific scene, only to realise it was in fact in RC2. Doh. Will watch RC2 tonight.
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Title: Qin
Fandom: Red Cliff
Pairing: Zhou Yu/Zhuge Liang
Summary: Through music, through desire, Zhou Yu tries to understand Zhuge Liang.
Rating: R (warning for very mild blood-play)
Word count: 3506
Notes: Originally this was just going to be a PWP of one scene, totally unrelated to Strategy, but it seems to have mutated somewhat. Which kinda screws up what I’d (vaguely) planned but never mind. The fic refers to events across both films.


For long months, Zhou Yu has let his qin sit idle. Though Xiao Qiao often asks him to play, he’s unable to bring himself to touch the instrument. It seems symbolic of days of leisure, of a time of innocence. Music has become an indulgence, something to be listened to according to mood, but not directly experienced. The tunes that ring around his head have steady rhythms: marching feet, the stab of swords, the strike of arrows, the thump of his heartbeat. These are the things that are important, not the graceful curlicues of melody.

When the news comes that Zhuge Liang will visit Wu in search of an alliance, Zhou Yu knows certain steps in the dance will be inevitable. He prepares for the meeting with as much care as he would prepare for battle. He takes the qin from its sandalwood chest and sets it on the table in front of him. He studies its shape beneath the drapery of silk that hides it from his sight and then lays his hands on it.

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Title: Strategy
Fandom: Red Cliff
Pairing: Zhuge Liang/Sun Quan
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 2987
Summary: Zhuge Liang will try anything to convince Sun Quan to join the alliance against Cao Cao, but he never expected this...
Notes: For [ profile] lixia84, because if we both wait for Red Cliff fic in English I think we’ll be waiting a long time! This fic takes place between the scene in the audience hall and the dialogue on the city walls between Zhuge Liang and Lu Su.


“The strategist, Your Highness.”

The epithet has an edge of condescension to it. Zhuge Liang hides a smile. He has a name as well as a title, but while he is a petitioner at the court of the Duke of Wu, the title becomes him well enough.

He brushes past the minister who led him here, assessing his character in a single glance masked as polite thanks. Red-clad and hostile, the curled point of his beard trembling with what Zhuge Liang recognises as righteous anger, the minister meets his gaze for the space of a heartbeat before he looks away. It tells Zhuge Liang more than he needed to know.

The minister hesitates, but a short command from Sun Quan has him scampering away, red robes swirling. He does not look back. Zhuge Liang watches him hasten along the corridor. Only when the minister turns a corner and vanishes from sight does Zhuge Liang breathe easily. He lifts his hawk’s wing fan and flaps it back against his chest. The fragile strength of the feathers calms him, and with a lighter heart he enters the Duke’s private quarters.

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