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Spartacus emerging from a cloaca full of human offal. This show is nothing short of brilliant.
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For the last few days I’ve been watching the TVB series 洪武三十二/Relics of an Emissary, which caught my attention thanks to a post on [ profile] aiyatheydidnt. I admit it, I only wanted to watch it for the slashy bath scene between Sammul Chan and Joe Ma, which I thought was in ep26 but was actually in ep14. I’m halfway through the series and enjoying it immensely. It’s been ages since I watched a HK series rather than a mainland show. TVB is massively cheesy and you can drive aircraft carriers through its plots, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

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Watched Matt Smith as Christopher Isherwood in the BBC's one-off drama last night. Though a shade too short and slightly rushed at the end, overall it was good. I was impressed by the fact that Matt Smith was not the Doctor (oddly I started comparing him to Alex Jennings' Ashenden) despite two other Doctor Who actors turning up in the show.

Isherwood's mum was brilliant, and Imogen Poots as Jean Ross was excellent. I'm not a fan of Isherwood or Auden, either singly or in combination (The Ascent of F6, anyone?), but I did like Pip Carter's interpretation of Auden in this. Matt Smith did a very good job at presenting Isherwood as an utterly solipsistic individual, though in retrospect I wonder if it was entirely fair. Apathetic in the instance and then politicising in his writings is how I always saw Isherwood, but this would be difficult to put across in a 90-minute drama.

Isherwood's boyfriend Heinz was terrifically pretty and looked very much like he could pose for Herbert List.

The only thing I didn't like was the complete lack of a sense of Berlin. That was disappointing. But the rest of it was pretty good.
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During the first ep of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, there's a fight scene that ends with one gladiator sliding down the blade of an immobilised sword and slitting his throat. And I blinked and thought 'Hey, the last time I saw that done was in Onmyoji!'

*reaches for the brain bleach*
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In the last ep of Pointless we spotted cute contestant Nosheel who is blatantly the love child of Adrian Sutil and Lewis Hamilton:

His Adrian mannerisms include blinking a lot and being daft (when asked to name a female deer, he said "Duchess").
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1) Man, the theme song sucks. And the sub-theme song is bad, too.

2) Creepy music of the dern-dern-DERN variety plays every time Cao Cao is on screen.

3) Okay, I admit I skimmed through the early eps looking for the hot guys. Ep 11, it's Zhao Yun! Can we say HOTTTTTT! Liu Bei can. Liu Bei fancies Zhao Yun. That's not so bad, since Liu Bei is fairly decent-looking and much more likeable than he is in Red Cliff.

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ETA: Weirdly, all this Three Kingdoms viewing is making me really crave Detective Dee. Like really, really *facepalm*
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I shouldn't even be surprised that ITV cocked this one up. The series was half-baked anyway and heading for an uneven conclusion after last week's ep in which nothing happened.

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You know on where there are those idiots who write a chapter of a fic and then say 'I won't write/post any more until I get X amount of reviews'?

Well, the BBC decided it was a good idea to emulate them.

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Jul. 26th, 2010 08:45 am
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Very moving piece about Ayrton on Top Gear last night. Really looking forward to the documentary film.

Anyway - the BBC's Sherlock. Whimsical and charming, but why did they rip off the music used in the RDJ film? Spoilers for A Study in Pink )

[ profile] satanael is arriving tomorrow for a week of japes, so I won't be around much online.

Luther ep6

Jun. 8th, 2010 10:14 pm
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I mean, follow that? Is it even possible? Maybe Luther, Mark and Alice will run off and have a nice little MMF thing going on, but the hell?

Sorry, brain is broken now. Weird TV is weird. And after such a good series to have it end in such a random fashion is... disconcerting to say the least.

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Chrissy! What did you think of the last ep??

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Doctor Who: A former pupil from my school got to twang Matt Smith's braces in tonight's ep. Lucky her!


May. 1st, 2010 02:32 pm
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Not much happening. Had a really up and down week, mostly down, but starting to go back up again.

1. The House of Ham has a new arrival. He is a grey and white Syrian and is called Ash. Atm he's very shy and retiring, but when he's a bit braver I'll post some pics of him as he is very sweet.

2. At the cinema we saw The Joneses, which was a good concept but slightly lacking in delivery. The ending was too Hollywood-cheesy and the film would have been stronger if it ended with the fake family breaking up and leaving. I found it odd that David Duchovny's character was the one with morals. It didn't quite fit--I kept having those moments where I pulled out of the film to think 'David Duchovny, huh?' The concept was interesting though and would make a good TV series. 3/5.

3. We also saw Agora, which has an incredibly powerful ending of the kind that left us staring at the screen for a couple of minutes after it finished. It's very underplayed and the cinematography is beautiful, with some exquisite moments in the direction. I liked the second half of the film better but the whole thing was very well done and is a very thoughtful piece of work. 4/5.

4. Iron Chef UK started this week and is bizarrely watchable. In the absence of top chef totty Marcus Wareing, I'll accept the substitute of Tom Aikens. The Chairman is also very cute. I would love to know if he is Japanese-Japanese or if he's from Essex. The weird presenter Olly someone-or-other acts like he's on speed: "His biceps are like pint glasses filled with concrete!" Say what? Very amusing.

5. I am actually watching Doctor Who. I actually like Eleven. In fact, I find him quite hot in a really weirdly charismatic way. Who'd'a thought it?

6. Bank Holiday weekend, so after a very hot few hours between 9-11am, it absolutely chucked it down. It's supposed to be rubbish for the rest of the weekend, too. Ho-hum.

ETA: The end of Doctor Who (ep5) made me go GUH in a big way. I even watched Doctor Who Confidential to watch the kiss a second time. And Eleven looks hot in non-Doctor clothing. Thank God he's 27. I don't feel quite as dirty now.
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I don't think it's spoilery to say I blubbed through the end of this ep. Dear God, this is some of the best television I've seen in years. I just hope they don't cock it all up in the finale.
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Gwen has lost loads of weight and Ianto ate all the pies.


Jun. 27th, 2009 08:07 pm
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Robin Hood season 3 finale )
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We missed semi-final 1 on Tuesday for the simple reason that we didn't know it was on, so last night we sat down with our BBC print-outs and scored each song, with the addition of a 'Hotness' column. Since so many songs are instantly forgettable these days, we also gave each entrant a keyword, e.g Cyprus was 'Bad Disney'.

My lowest score out of a possible total of 40 was 2 for Cyprus, which was unbelievably bloody awful, and my highest was 35 for the Ukraine (described by our commentator as "a stripper and some gladiators in hamster wheels"). I think most of my top five went through, except for the one with the violins and the woman behind the passport control curtain who sang about three lines. Great tune but they needed more of a song, and why did the vocalist only turn up on stage 30 seconds from the end? Weird, but this is Eurovision after all.

I was a bit disappointed with the Greek song. Sakis is a great singer but IMO that's a weak song and the performance was cheesy (his keyword was 'The Hoff', which says it all, really). We did laugh at the sunbed with the Greek flag in it. Wtf.

Denmark's song would be so much better if Ronan actually sang it as well as writing it.

I think this is the first year ever that I like all the songs from the Big Four. Usually France can't be arsed, Germany and the UK fluctuate between sending joke entries or try-too-hard entries, and Spain either sends dirges or bland Costa del Sol pop. This year they've all made a real effort so I expect (political voting notwithstanding) to see most if not all of the Big Four in the top 10.

I don't think the UK will win. Jade has a great voice, looks good and has Andrew Lloyd-Webber with her, but I doubt that's enough to clinch it. Unless I'm wowed by any of the entrants who made it through from semi-final 1 (like Malta - I really want them to win because they're so enthusiastic, but realistically, I doubt it), my vote this year will go to Germany, Spain or the Ukraine.

Just to be showing my Eurovision spirit, I'm making flammkuchen tomorrow (Val - since we came back from your place I've been seeing flammkuchen everywhere in recipes, except they call it by the French name!) and a big tiramisu for dessert. I think we have some Euro wine somewhere, too.

To quote our commentator: "The Belarussians have given me a half-bottle of vodka. Do you think I should start drinking it?"
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Yes, I am still craving this show. God knows why, but clearly I want to see cars driven at high speed and things being smashed up, blown up and generally wrecked in the line of duty.

Of course I want seasons 7 and 8 (Staffel 12 and 13), but they aren't out yet (why so slow, RTL?). But the DVDs are ridiculously cheap, so I'm pondering whether it's worth getting the seasons before Christian Oliver turned up. Not all of them, just seasons 5 and 6, maybe.

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It's the first day of summer, or at least according to us Celtic types. In an hour we're off to Cambridge to collect the visitors from foreign climes for a week of japes and jollity and 900 1200 miles of driving.

For some reason I am really craving to watch Alarm für Cobra 11. No, I don't know why either.

[ profile] dianebelieves - GOOD LUCK!!! You can do it! I'm so excited it's almost finished!!

Robin Hood

Apr. 26th, 2009 07:51 am
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drive-by post because my mum is here --

Last night's ep finally introduced Guy's sister Isabella, and the first thing I thought was 'hmm, Kate/Isabella would be an awesome pairing'.
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The new owner of the bar next door came round last night to introduce herself. "I'm not being snobby," she said, "but I want to turn it around. It's got such a bad reputation as the drugs place and I don't want that."

She seems very determined and likeable. They're having a kitchen put in and it'll be a tapas bar. The village does need more eateries so I really hope it succeeds. Plus we like tapas. It can only be a good thing.

Talking of food, I tried a low-fat recipe for chicken korma last night. Usually I follow Nigella's full fat, full cream extravaganza and it's fabulous. The low fat version was really good - though I deviated and added a can of coconut milk and 100g of ground almonds, so I'm not sure how 'low fat' it ended up. But it tasted good and different, enough that I'll make it again. Had a Tesco naan bread with it, which was lovely at the time but overnight it kicked off the wheat allergy with a vengeance. So now I haz pain. Ouch.

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