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Title: An Unsuitable Boy
Fandom: Watchmen/Iron Man
Pairing: Adrian Veidt/Tony Stark
Rating: NC17ish
Summary: Adrian knew the boy would be trouble. He didn’t realise how much trouble.
Notes: Since Watchmen is AH and its canon is so firmly grounded in late 1985, I’m screwing with Iron Man’s canon instead, which is kind of vague in any case. According to the film, Tony was born in 1970. Let’s pretend he lied about his age (he’s a narcissist, of course he’d lie about his age). Let’s add a few years and make him 17-going-on-18 in early 1985. And just for fun, let’s kill off his parents in late 1984 rather than when he turned 21.

An Unsuitable Boy

The boy is going to be trouble.

Adrian knows it from the start. He calculates just how much trouble Tony Stark will cause, then offsets the result against the potential for publicity. Child prodigies always make for good press. Child prodigies who grow up to become teenage geniuses with self-destructive tendencies make even better news.

He can handle Tony. Adrian knows what it’s like to be too smart, too rich, too much of everything. He can handle the boy.

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Title: Sacrifice
Fandom: Watchmen
Rating: PG13
Summary: This is how it all began, past and future revealed and concealed, and a character formed in the bowl of a bronze tripod.
Notes: Written for [ profile] meiou_set as part of the Fall Fandom Free For All with the request ‘Adrian as a teen’. I’ve mixed comic book and movie canon, borrowing Matthew Goode’s interpretation of Adrian as the son of a Nazi. This is another excuse for me to ramble on about Hellenic oracles, this time Delphi. Alexander offered sacrifice at Delphi as a young man, continuing a tradition set by his father Philip. The story about Alexander mistreating the Pythia is very likely Roman slander, though Clavel takes it as fact. The reference to Croesus and the oracles is from Herodotus I.46ff; the quote on circumstance is from VII.49.


His father is obscenely rich. Adrian never asks where the money comes from, though he knows it has something to do with Brazil and the old boys’ network. Their wealth sometimes makes his mother wring her hands and dab at her eyes with a lace-edged handkerchief. Whenever she’s upset, her accent slips. Her imperfect English takes on the tones of the Rhineland. Adrian’s father gets angry with her on those occasions. He beckons her out of the sitting room, leaving Adrian perched on the edge of the pale green velvet-upholstered sofa with its perfect white antimacassars.

Adrian doesn’t listen to their arguments. He watches television instead, the flickering black and white of images from around the world a shadow-play for his senses. Television is so much more real than his family.

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Title: Feet of Clay
Fandom: Watchmen
Pairing: Adrian Veidt/Alexander the Great/Hephaistion
Summary: Adrian goes back in time to Libya, 331 BC in order to meet the one man who’s ever truly meant anything to him.
Rating: R
Word count: 4643
Notes: This was written in response to Someone’s prompt at [ profile] watchmenkink, which asked for Adrian/Alexander. Er, not much kink here (mindfuck, maybe, but of the academic kind) so I decided it didn’t really belong over there.

I dragged out my copy of Arrian’s Anabasis along with Robin Lane-Fox’s book Alexander the Great for this. Arrian often explains Alexander’s actions by using the word pothos, which is usually translated as ‘longing, yearning, burning desire’, though in certain contexts it can also mean ‘regret’.

Feet of Clay

When he dematerialises in the desert outside Paraetonium, the Macedonians fall to their knees and call him Apollo.

Adrian squints in the sun and shades his eyes with a hand. He’s an unlikely god, dressed in his purple suit. Whenever he’d dreamed of this moment, he’d seen himself in a different outfit, one more befitting the time: bronze cuirass, linen tunic, leather over-skirt.

He glances about. The desert burns, heat pulsing from the white sands and the patches of gravel. He’d made his calculations carefully, wanting no margin of error. His project director had warned him that time travel was unstable. It was impossible to guarantee the date. Even with Dr Manhattan’s assistance, time fluctuated so much he might arrive ten hours too soon or ten years too late.

But Adrian believed. He knew he’d join Alexander’s party on the way to the oracle at Siwa. He looks at the Macedonians, half of their number grovelling in the sand before him and the others seated on camels, staring at him with suspicion and awe. By the way they regard him, it seems he’s arrived at the most opportune time.

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So [ profile] diagon and I went to see Watchmen this afternoon.

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