Nov. 13th, 2012 03:56 pm
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Finished Tree Frog. My honest-to-God feelings:

Date started: August 31st
Date finished: November 13th
Number of fics written by way of procrastination: 7
Number of fics killed off because Tree Frog took so bloody long to write: 3
Number of fucks I give now it's finished: 0

That concludes the Twelve Months of HoMin. Now it goes to edits. I'll post it when I get back from Cornwall.
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Yes, two posts in a row. Not like me at all, but the topics aren't exactly conducive to being put together in one post.

It's time for [community profile] kink_bingo again!

Behold the bingo card of PORN )
So... if there's any kink on there that tickles your fancy, let me know with your pairing of choice (within reason, i.e. I've written in the fandom before *g*) and I'll see what I can do. Not promising anything, mind! I've earmarked a few already but go on, the more the merrier :D
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Cos I know a couple of you might be up for this -

[ profile] parallelsfic is a Yuletide-esque Asian fanfic exchange taking place over the summer.

Fandom nominations: Now-May 25th
Signups: late June

Minimum fic length is a piffling 500 words.

RPF is also encouraged for those who like shiny boybands *cough* ;)

I've made five nominations so far and I can't believe I didn't nominate Red Cliff. I am so full of fail.

Go forth and nominate! Sign up! You on the motorcycle! You two girls, tell your friends! etc etc
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Writing a detective story is a pain in the arse.

Today I learned more than I want to know about the Japanese Cabinet in the middle Meiji period.

Tokugawa!Seimei and Hiromasa are looking really good as distraction right now.
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01Old02Glimpse 03Move 04Air05Drink
06Accusation 07Young 08Incomplete 09Why? 10Tremble
11Cringe 12Heaven 13Blessing 14Hell 15Yes
16Rebel 17Silver 18Listen 19Past 20Moon
21Music 22Question 23Life 24Formal25Mad
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The funeral still feels ages away. When she hadn't heard when he was arriving back in the UK, Mum sent bro a really sarcastic 'So are you coming to your father's funeral?' email yesterday, which got a very chilly response. Nice. So they're arriving on Saturday and will return on Feb 4. My aunt, uncle and dog will arrive the week after bro gets here, so Mum's house will be full of six adults, a toddler, and an insane springer spaniel. Skye will likely get overexcited during the wake but I suppose she'll be a good distraction.

Thank God NCIS season 6 has finally started (yes, [ profile] dianebelieves, we are that far behind here!). It's the only thing I want to watch atm. I should really start watching PotW that Anna sent me, plus I have a ton of books to read, but unless it's related to work I have no real reason to force myself to be interested in anything.

The only thing I want to write is the fic for [ profile] holmes_big_bang, though knowing me as soon as I start it I'll lose interest. I can't get stuck in though because I have a fic to finish that I really dislike now, plus I have a short story to do, plus the blasted novella that was contracted on proposal. If anyone finds some motivation lying around, please be sending it to me, thank you.

We are going on holiday a couple of days after the funeral. I am so looking forwards to it. I can't wait to get away from all this shit.

ETA: [ profile] aoi_shu, it arrived! I need to get frames for the chirashi. Thank you so much <3 The make-up around his eyes in the Macbeth chirashi is almost Egyptian! They're wonderful, thank you again for all of it.
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Fisi is going to Ferrari! Woohoo!!!

[ profile] diagon called me from work to tell me. Autosport picked it up already. Yay OMG and shite because Rachel is visiting during Monza weekend and now I don't want to walk around the shops all day, I want to watch the race! Aww Fisi in scarlet! Awwww!

Fic o'Doom

Adjusted the estimated length again as each chapter is pretty much averaging out at almost 4000 words.

It's so typical. After a massive slump for most of the year, I finally get motivated to write again and get stuck into an epic, and then along come loads of bunnies all bouncing and starry-eyed. Buggeration!
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I felt very much like The Good Housewife this morning as I got up just before 7am and made curry for tonight.

As I've been busy these last few days, here's a somewhat belated bunch of pics from last week's hols. LOL of the trip was going to the local pub one evening for a meal. At about 7pm there was a bit of a racket outside that sounded like those really huge three-wheeler motorbike things backfiring. When we came out of the pub later, there was a helicopter on the lawn beside the car park. Yes, a HELICOPTER. A small one, but nevertheless, a helicopter.

Apparently Helicopter Dude lives in Oswestry, which is about 35 miles from Much Wenlock. Granted, the roads are narrow and slow, but still, normal people would take the car.

Pics )

I sent in an RFC this week and have another two possibles to make a decision on next week. The tech person found that a whole bunch of subs had got caught in some filter or other, so I now have 10 subs to sort through. Fortunately I can junk at least half of those as unsuitable (someone sent in poetry. We don't publish poetry. Amazing how many people don't pay attention to the guidelines).

F1 Fic o'Doom

Observe the new estimated wordcount. I've finished 3 chapters out of 28. Yargh. Michael's feeble attempt at a comeback has only changed sub-plot A. I am beginning to find Martin Whitmarsh (sub-plot B) strangely likeable.

Meme time! Nicked from everyone else.
Ask me my fannish Top Five [whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post.


Jul. 3rd, 2009 09:03 pm
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F1SS fic finished, beta'd and sent off.

Going to watch NCIS now XDDD


Jun. 26th, 2009 01:52 pm
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Sign-ups for this year's F1 Summer Slash have begun! Like a deranged fool I have signed up! Yargh, I mean YAY!
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Anna ([ profile] easonfan), Clara and Winnie have arrived and are on their way to Earl's Court, and thence will battle jetlag and London fog and general English craziness to go to the British Museum etc.

We'll drive down to Cambridge on Friday to meet them and then we'll do the usual tour north via Durham, Hadrian's Wall and end in Edinburgh with maybe a trip up to St Andrew's.

I've got four books to review first and a short RC fic to finish. Breakfast, then will get stuck in.

And I had a somewhat wacky dream about Mansai in which he managed to perform ebizori in a suit on a chat show before becoming a Bunraku puppeteer o_O He said he was doing shows in London, Manchester and York in July. I was so gutted when I woke up and realised it wasn't for real.

We have three goldfinches in the garden!


Apr. 7th, 2009 06:59 pm
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I seem to have inherited [ profile] diagon’s nasty cold. My throat is all scratchy and my head feels a bit woollen. I’m trying to stave it off but if I have to take to my bed, I have plenty to keep me company – Red Cliff 2, Forever Enthralled, and The Good, The Bad & The Weird. Plus I have a Western romance to read for work and two of [ profile] dianebelieves's chapters to look at (yay!).

I’ve been asked if I’d like to be an editor, but I need to know more about it before I make a decision. It’s the second time I’ve been asked so I should think seriously about it, especially if my own writing is shot to hell. I dunno.

I was just reading something else and along came this phrase:
His dark hair pulled into a ponytail, he looked as soft as a ninja.
Right. Because I always think of ninja as being really fragile flowers o_O

I was chatting to [ profile] leme last night and staring at YouTube at the same time as watching the Finnish version of Strictly Come Dancing. Moment of squee when I found Mansai’s coffee advert (yeah which has been there for like 8 months, I pay so much attention *facepalm*) and I did a double-take when I realised Yuuki was also in the ad for half a second. He’s really tall now [/random].

Chugging along with the Onmyouji fic. It’s like getting blood from a stone. Why is it that whenever I have a creative shutdown, I’m writing Seimei? Freaky coincidence or something more sinister? There’s two sections left to go, it may stagger to 10k *shoots it to put it out of its misery* Man, I should just go back to that cheap ho RC2 with its bonus extras.

Ugh, I feel rotten :(
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The new owner of the bar next door came round last night to introduce herself. "I'm not being snobby," she said, "but I want to turn it around. It's got such a bad reputation as the drugs place and I don't want that."

She seems very determined and likeable. They're having a kitchen put in and it'll be a tapas bar. The village does need more eateries so I really hope it succeeds. Plus we like tapas. It can only be a good thing.

Talking of food, I tried a low-fat recipe for chicken korma last night. Usually I follow Nigella's full fat, full cream extravaganza and it's fabulous. The low fat version was really good - though I deviated and added a can of coconut milk and 100g of ground almonds, so I'm not sure how 'low fat' it ended up. But it tasted good and different, enough that I'll make it again. Had a Tesco naan bread with it, which was lovely at the time but overnight it kicked off the wheat allergy with a vengeance. So now I haz pain. Ouch.

BBC drama: Apparitions (Martin Shaw) )

Blasts from the past )


Apr. 3rd, 2008 08:51 am
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I finished Fire last night!! It came in at 70,282 words. Considering it was meant to be 30k when I first had the idea... *roll eyes* But I'm really, really happy with it. QF and YN are adorable and make the cutest couple. Now to let them rest for a good wee while before I even think of the sequel LOL.

Next up on the block: Seimei. Ha. You can run but you can't hide...

Or maybe the SF rewrite. Day off today though. I have a heap of TBR books for review. 

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Only 2.5 chapters to go on Fire and I think I might meet the 65k goal. Or maybe it will go a little bit over. Erm.

I tinkered with Scent yesterday, which felt quite nice. The start needs to be ripped apart, chewed up and spat out, but at least I know where I'm going with it now. Damn Seimei for being so vague.


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