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I am still full of flu and my head is spinning but... Merry Christmas!

It just started snowing. Oh my. We have a white Christmas.

[ profile] rheasilvia - the soaps arrived! Thank you! They look even more beautiful in the 'flesh' and I can't wait to try them :D

[ profile] dianebelieves - Thank you for the lovely mousepad! The FedEx guy had to come round twice to deliver it and I was so sick I just mumbled incoherently at him!

Okay, it just stopped snowing. Not so much a white Christmas, then.

But I rejoice from the layers of blanket and duvet, for I got two Yuletide fics! Two! And both are marvellous. Looksee:

mirrors reflecting mirrors [Di Renjie]


Less Than Eternity [Maiden Rose]

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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you for offering to write for my little collection of fandoms. This is a slightely extended version of what I put in the signup; nothing else to add except have fun and, of course, optional details are optional!

General stuff
I like complicated slash and straightforward het. I like plot but am equally happy with a character piece.

Kinks: Control, power play (implied or realised through D/s), angsty drama, costumes (especially Chinese and Japanese traditional dress), sensory deprivation, sensuality rather than outright porn, and romance (in whatever guise it may come).

Squicks: Humiliation, hurt/comfort, and rape fic (fine with dubcon, though, and will make an exception for noncon in the case of the Tales of the Otori request - not that I am requesting a rapefic, but if the story takes you there, I'm fine with it. Right, clear as mud or what.)

The Book of Loss by Julith Jedamus
What happened to the Narrator and Masato when they ran away together? The Narrator is so heartbreaking in her uncertainties that I want her to find happiness with Masato. The Narrator's character is so self-destructive, I'd like her to find some sort of peace. Masato is such an enigmatic figure (and one of my favourite male characters, ever) - I love his intelligence and patience. What does he see in the Narrator that binds him to her? Can he make her lose her self-doubt and be happy? I don't mind what you do with the characters, only please give them a happy ending (or at least a happy for now!)

Possibly one of my favourite books, the restrained emotion in this story always gets me. The Narrator's relationship with Masato fascinates me - she's so self-destructive, he's so patient; she worries about the age difference, he doesn't seem to care; he sees her as powerful but she considers herself rendered fragile because of Kanesuke's rejection. Aside from the characters, I like the meditations on illusion and love, and the use of the I Ching to explain human nature.

Tales of the Otori by Lian Hearn
Tell me Lord Fujiwara's backstory. How did he become so cold and amoral?

I read the books ages ago and the only character who's stayed with me is Lord Fujiwara. I have a weakness for beautiful, powerful, and decidedly amoral men, so anything you come up with would be brilliant. This is probably the one request where you could, if you so wished, veer into darkfic territory. If you prefer, the other thing I find so compelling about him is his attitude to beauty, so if you don't want to explore his backstory, a character study on Lord Fujiwara and beauty (perhaps how he perceives his own beauty?) would be awesome.

Maiden Rose
Taki/Klaus. I'd be delighted with anything exploring Taki's character, especially his upbringing, his pride, and/or his emotions for Klaus vs his duty to his country.

This manga hits just about every kink I've got going. Taki is my favourite character and what fascinates me so much about him is his contradictory nature. He's meant to remain pure yet allows Klaus to sully him. He's full of pride yet allows himself to be humbled sexually. He's capable of great passion and total blankness. Also, I LOVE his Heian-inspired traditional dress, so if you'd like to write smokin' hot sex for this request, I would totally love to read costume!porn - Taki in those beautiful robes and Klaus in a suit. btw I've only read to the end of Vol 2, so please no spoilers if you've read further!

Detective Dee and the Phantom Flame
Di Renjie/Empress Wu. Romance? Ambivalence? Romantic ambivalence? I felt Di was shortchanged in the film in terms of characterisation, so anything from his POV that examines his feelings for/towards Wu ZeTian would be great.

This movie was so much fun! I did a random review of everything I liked (and didn't like) about it here, which may be of help; but really, anything that captures the spirit of the film would be fantastic. It's entirely up to you if you want to go for a romantic angle between Di and Empress Wu, or if you want to tell backstory or what happened next (I can imagine Wu going into the Phantom Bazaar in search of Di). I honestly don't mind if you want to write a serious fic or wacky hijinks - surprise me!



Jun. 19th, 2009 05:33 pm
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I was just scrolling through LJ and the Yuletide stories of the day popped up and I was amused by the fact that I'd managed to post my last two fics back to back, when all of a sudden I saw that some kind, wonderful person ([ profile] misura) had written me not one but TWO Yanagisawa/Hoshina stories for NYR. I was literally about to finish my coffee and make dinner, but after squealing and flailing I read both stories and am now all floaty.

I'm gobsmacked. And very, very happy and grateful.

The fics are Touch: A Love Story, which is a set of drabbley-things charting Yanagisawa's relationship with Hoshina - and some of these little snippets are heart-breaking but they're all so perfect in what they say - and there's also The Cat Case, in which Hoshina tries to prove his investigative skills in order to impress Yanagisawa. Clever, cruel, and bang-on with its characterisation, I absolutely loved this.

I am very happy.
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I signed up for Yuletide and offered 16 18 fandoms including NOH PLAYS.

Please everyone be laughing when I have to write a fic about Noh plays.

I can pray for an F1 fic

I FOUND PU SONGLING OMG *insane laughter* but I draw the line at Die Toten Hosen RPF.

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