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The 'enema' square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card was always going to be a challenge, since enemas are absolutely one of my squicks. Of course I should've asked the mods to pick me a card avoiding that kink, but these things are supposed to be a challenge, right?!

My initial idea of writing DC/Vettel went by the wayside because I just couldn't get my head around the concept. And by then I'd read a whole bunch of enema fics hoping to understand what the appeal was, and though some of the fics squicked me, there were several that made me go 'oh, THAT'S why people like it'.

My fannish interests are very, very narrow. I can state categorically right now that there are no enema fics in my main fandoms. Not least because most of my fandoms are historical; not least because I am the sole active writer (in English) in most of my fandoms. So this rec list is multifandom. While I will never be comfortable with this kink, these recs are of fics that to me focused on the kink in a way that made me understand it and even, yes, to appreciate it.

1. Come Clean by Cesare [SGA, John Sheppard/Atlantis]
John in the shower with a sentient Atlantis. This was one of the first enema fics I read and it blew me away. Maybe it's the sentient Atlantis that does it for me, maybe it's the touch of dub con, or the fact that it's set in a shower, or the fact that John gets off on the whole set of experiences so much... whatever it is about this fic, I've re-read it several times. I've never watched an episode of SGA in my life before but that doesn't matter. This is a seriously sexy read.

2. Wet Lab by Shamusandstone [Heroes, Elle/Gabriel]
Elle and Gabriel have some fun in Mohinder's lab.
There's some fun snarky banter between the couple before they get down to business. This time the kink is presented in a more clinical, detached sense, which works well because they're in a lab and Elle is definitely in charge, persuading the more reluctant Gabriel to try an enema. Gabriel has definite issues surrounding the kink, and Elle is careful to pay attention to this.

3. Page Fourteen (and Fifteen) by autoschediastic [SPN, Dean/Sam]
Sam's pretty sure Dean doesn't secretly harbour a food fetish, no matter how worked up he gets over a mini cheesesteak.
A fabulously detailed and erotic fic that's also really hot. Perfectly in character, too. Even if enemas (and fisting) aren't your thing, this is so well written it deserves to be read!

4. Hard Work, Snow, Sauna and a Fireplace by Lempo Soi [due South, Benton/Ray]
See title, plus an enema and some sex.
The summary made me laugh *g* Does exactly what it says on the tin. I liked the characterisation, Ray's uncertainty and Fraser's chivvying about the health benefits.

5. Symptom for the Cure by autoschediastic [Musician RPF, Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff]
All Tommy wants to do is go find a hole somewhere, crawl into it, and die. He can't believe he let Adam talk him into going to see a doctor over this.
I have no idea who these guys are (okay, I have heard of Adam Lambert...), but that doesn't matter. There's a real intimacy to this fic, Tommy's wounded pride and embarrassment plus Adam's concern and affection. You almost want to look away, it's such a private thing. It's almost beyond kink, but it works.

6. Whole Together by heeroluva [Star Trek Reboot, Kirk/Spock]
Jim breaks into prison to break Spock out, but when he finally finds Spock things don’t go quite as planned.
A ponn farr story. Everyone loves ponn farr, right? *g* The enema is off-stage, preparation for the Kirk/Spock action to come. A great quick, dirty fic.

7. High, Hot and Heavy by Amand_r [Torchwood, Owen/Ianto]
"'Harper, Owen. Diagnosis. 'Full. Of. Shit,'" Ianto intones, slowly, finishing with a punctuated stab and looking up at Owen over his pilfered reading glasses.
Owen is my least favourite character in Torchwood so I derived a certain amount of enjoyment from reading this fic. Both guys are perfectly in character and I especially loved Ianto's clinical detachment and sense of humour.

8. Faithful by Soraya [Chronicles of Riddick, Vaako/The Purifier]
The ritual is one all Necromongers must follow.
NB Be advised there is a scene of suspension that may be unpleasant to some readers.
I wish I knew the source for this fic because, just from reading this ficlet, it seems like such an interesting universe. Vaako's pride is showcased here, and the enema is part of a purification process. I liked the ritual aspect of it, and there's a creepy tone to the fic that I enjoyed.

9. Let Me Help by sparrowshellcat [GI Joe, Breaker/Duke]
Breaker makes a cheesecake for Duke's birthday. Duke suffers the effects of eating the whole thing at once, and Breaker is called upon to help. A cute and funny ficlet. I loved the humour in this one.

10. Pressure by Crimson Quills [Green Lantern, Guy Gardner/Kyle Rayner]
Guy uncovers a kink of Kyle's. Kyle isn't exactly pleased. At first.
This is a very sweet read, Guy putting his lover's concerns first. Even though he thinks the enema is 'weird' to begin with, he sees what it means to Kyle and is willing to help out.

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