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Title: The Bell
Fandom: Onmyouji
Pairing: Seimei/Hiromasa
Rating: PG
Prompt: #11 – thunder @ [ profile] story_lottery
Summary: When the largest bell in the world is installed at the Kamo shrine, Seimei is concerned.
Word count: 2134
Notes: I seem to have written a fable of sorts. How very Pu Songlingian.

The Bell

In retrospect, the whole thing was doomed from the very beginning. Casting the largest bell in the world was hubris. Installing it at the Kamo shrine was ludicrous. Inviting the entire of the court to its inaugural ringing was utter insanity.

When the Bureau of Divination met for the first time after the New Year, Seimei made his opinions known. His colleagues had exclaimed at his cynicism and expressed their dismay at his attitude. Didn’t he know that the bell was a great and worthy work? Couldn’t he see that the dual shrines would benefit from such a wonder? It was not just for the glory of the deities and the ancestors, or for the purpose of attracting more pilgrims to the shrine—it was also, they clucked, a way to ensure protection from demons.

“Indeed,” said Seimei, and bowed to his colleagues before getting up and strolling out of the meeting. He paid no heed to the startled squawks of protest he left in his wake.

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Title: Chrysalis
Fandom: Onmyouji
Rating: PG
Prompt: #23 – chrysalis @ [ profile] story_lottery
Summary: When Hiromasa discovers a chrysalis husk in a box, Seimei explains the secret of Mitsumushi’s origins.
Word count: 2343
Notes: According to Seimei in Onmyouji, Priest Kukai (who established the Shingon sect of esoteric Buddhism in Japan) brought Mitsumushi back with him from Chang'an.


Hiromasa was bored. He leaned back where he sat, clasping his hands around his ankles, and stared from the floor up to the ceiling. The entire of the north-facing wall of Seimei’s study was covered in maps, charts, diagrams, and spells. Where the good people of Heian-Kyo might hang an elegant piece of calligraphy, Seimei had plastered a set of pages torn from an arcane volume and annotated with slashing red ink.

Heaving a discreet sigh, Hiromasa rocked forward and onto his knees. A quick glance towards the low writing desk showed Seimei still frowning over a constellation chart and a page of figures and scribbles. His forefinger, stained with black ink, tapped against the page, leaving greying smudges upon the paper.

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Title: Seduction
Author: [ profile] glitterburn
Fandom: Onmyouji
Pairing: Seimei/Hiromasa
Rating: PG13
Summary: How do you make someone fall in love?
Word count: 1082
Note: Written for prompt #17 – mayfly - at [ profile] story_lottery


“How do you make someone fall in love?” Hiromasa asks.

It’s late summer, autumn now more than a distant dream. The end of the day is drowsy and the air shimmers with heat despite the approach of evening. Cicadas whirr in the trees, their music lending the situation a sense of unreality. Butterflies – not as bright or colourful as Mitsumushi – dip and weave amongst the tall grasses. A mayfly hovers, its movements erratic, its long tails quivering. The sky is darkening with dusk, a wash of grey tinting the pale, endless blue.

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Title: Orange Blossom
Summary: Summoned to the Shishinden, Hiromasa finds Seimei deep in conversation with a tree. As usual with Seimei, nothing is quite the way it seems.
Rating: PG
Word count: 4371
Notes: Written for [ profile] ozsaur’s prompt of ‘flowers’ at [ profile] smallfandomfest.

Orange Blossom

Hiromasa was roused from his mid-morning nap by a breathless, wide-eyed page, who handed him a note folded into four. Still half asleep, Hiromasa glanced at it. He exclaimed and jumped up, shaking off his drowsiness as he circled his room trying to pull on his cloak. He hurried through the palace, the trailing length of black brocade flapping behind him. At the thought of presenting such an inelegant spectacle, he blushed and paused to straighten the fall of the silk. The page, chasing after him and carrying his boots, almost ran into Hiromasa’s back.

“Wait.” Hiromasa pulled the note from his sleeve and looked at it again, just in case it proved to be more forthcoming on closer inspection. Occasionally, Seimei sent him letters with writing that appeared and vanished and changed content. Hiromasa doubted anyone else at court could do such a thing, but it was best to check, just to be sure.

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Title: The Three Ages of Man (an equal part of nothing)
Summary: The fox Kuzunoha feared her son would turn into an animal, selfish and cruel. Seimei’s humanity comes at a cost to both mother and child, but in the end it’s a price worth paying.
Pairing: Seimei/Hiromasa
Rating: PG13
Word count: 5246
Notes: Written for [ profile] ozsaur’s prompt of ‘tangle’ at [ profile] smallfandomfest. It ended up as more of a character study of Seimei than anything else, for which I’m grateful for many reasons. There are two versions of Seimei’s early childhood: one in which Kuzunoha’s deception is uncovered by Shinoda no Shoji, and the other in which Seimei himself notices Kuzunoha’s fox-tail beneath her robes. I’ve gone with the latter version. The translation of Kuzunoha’s poem is from A Guide to the Japanese Stage by Cavaye, Griffith & Senda (yes, I only bought it because Mansai wrote the foreword... αγάπη υπερβολική). Also, a sly reference to Oedipus, just because.

The Three Ages of Man
(an equal part of nothing)

Seimei is five years old when his mother abandons him.

Since birth he’s been able to see things hidden from ordinary human eyes. His earliest memory is of faces peering into his cradle, grey faces, red faces, faces with horns from their foreheads and fangs curled from their mouths. He comes to like those faces more than those of his parents. His father seems ordinary in comparison, and his mother, though beautiful and refined, appears strange. Often he sees her features flex and move like a blossom tossed by the breeze, but by the time he learns to speak, he knows better than to ask her about what he’s seen.

Seimei is a precocious child. He can write long before he can walk. His father, Abe no Yasuna, reads poetry to him. His mother Kuzunoha talks to him of demons.

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OMFG I can't believe I finished this at last. It was meant to be about 5k. Uh, yeah *sidles away*

Title: The Tangled Woods
Summary: Arriving at the house of an acquaintance, Seimei and Hiromasa find strange things afoot.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 13,390
Notes: Written for the Yuletide NYR challenge. The story is a spin on Pu Songling’s tale ‘Lust Punished By Foxes’ in Strange Tales From A Chinese Studio (No. 88 in John Minford’s edition for Penguin, 2006; no. 250 in Zhang Youhe’s Variorum edition of 1962).

Too long for one entry, thus: Part 1 and Part 2.
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I wrote this for Yuletide, but I’m putting it here in this *special filter* so the *special people* can see it first XD

Author: XiDu
Title: Human
Fandom: Onmyouji [Seimei/Hiromasa/OC]
Summary: Hiromasa is captivated by Seimei’s cousin. Beautiful, intriguing, and enchanting, Kikui lacks only one thing to make him perfect...
Notes: The title is from The Killers’ fabulous song of the same name. I associate the song with Mansai/Shinobu but it also seemed appropriate for this story.
Bonus giggles: (i) reference to one of Mansai’s TV shows; (ii) Seimei imitates Hamlet. Shout if you spot them XD

It’s too long for one post, so:
Part 1
Part 2

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