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Title: Washed Up
Author: [ profile] glitterburn
Fandom: Whitechapel
Characters: DI Joseph Chandler, DS Ray Miles, DC Kent, DC McCormack
Pairing: Vague implication of Chandler/Kent
Rating: PG13
Summary: They’re all waiting for the chance to lay the ghosts to rest.
Word count: 1314
Note: Written for prompt #8 – the tide @ [ profile] story_lottery. While looking for a likely site for a corpse to wash up, I came across a horrifying statistic – a body is found every week along the 213 mile stretch of the Thames. One body every week, most of whom are never reported and never identified. There’s an article from The Guardian newspaper from December 2004 on the subject that makes for grim but fascinating reading.

Washed Up

When they closed the copycat Ripper case and rubber-stamped it at HQ, Chandler knew it wasn't really over. He shared with his team the same opinion he’d shared with Commander Anderson – that if they monitored all the suicides in the Metropolitan area for the next two weeks, they’d find the killer.

Anderson told him to forget it, but for the team it’s unfinished business. Chandler doesn’t encourage them, but he doesn’t tell them to stop, either. His men have contacts all across London, and they’re like terriers after a rat.

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Title: Taxi
Author: [ profile] glitterburn
Fandom: Whitechapel
Characters: DI Joseph Chandler & DS Ray Miles
Rating: PG
Summary: After a month on the job it should be easier, not harder, but for a moment Chandler feels accepted.
Word count: 1168
Note: Written for prompt #6 – traffic lights @ [ profile] story_lottery


Taxis are like confessionals. What goes on in the back seat stays in the back seat; conversations shared between passenger and driver are logged and then forgotten. Instead of absolution granted, the exchange of money severs the connections made within the safety of the black cab.

Chandler tries to count the number of times he’s been a passenger in a taxi. He can’t remember ever talking to the driver beyond giving his destination and murmuring a few courteous phrases. He doesn’t like being a passenger. He prefers to drive. It’s strange how a position of absolute control in a different context can be a position of servility.

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Title: Schadenfreude
Author: [ profile] glitterburn
Fandom: Whitechapel
Pairing: Vague implication of DI Joseph Chandler/DC Kent
Rating: R
Summary: The first day of the job is an emotional overload for Chandler.
Word count: 1173
Notes: Written for prompt #29 – a camera flash @ [ profile] story_lottery


Chandler lets himself into his apartment at dawn. The rooms are cold, grey in the pre-dawn light. He has no clutter to trip over or navigate around, so he leaves the sitting room in darkness as he drapes his bow tie over the back of the sofa and removes his dinner jacket. He hesitates for a moment, uncomfortable at the thought of folding the jacket rather than hanging it in its allotted place within the wardrobe, but then he forces himself to put it down.

The jacket is soft, expensive. It looks like a shrivelled skin, discarded by someone else. Chandler remembers how the evening started and how the day ended. He became someone else within that period. Given paper and pencil, he could draw a timeline and mark off the peaks and troughs that made him into someone different.

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